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    Hello from Union County

    Howdy Mike, I'm in UC too and hit CR and Hartshorne for most of my rides.
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    Weekend plans

    Hopefully it gets cold enough for some trails to freeze over. I've only been on the road so far in 2008 :mad:
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    In other political news...

    The first time I saw the "sack" hanging from the hitch of a pickup truck a couple of years back I had to do a double take, then I noticed the bumper sticker that said "Yes, those are Testicles" and laughed out loud in my car.
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    1st Jorba Newsletter

    Just read it here at work this morning. Good stuff, I hope it will come out semi-regularly.
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    Riding This Weekend

    I don't think anywhere offroad will be suitable for riding tomorrow, more road miles tomorrow for me.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas all and good rides in the new year.
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    sourlands - Dec 15th - 8 a.m.?

    I'll be there @ 8:00, green Honda Pilot - black Iron Horse. See you then.
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    sourlands - Dec 15th - 8 a.m.?

    I've never been there, but may be up for a ride tomorrow am. How far of a trip is that from CR?
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    what did you do while mtbnj was down?

    I'm sorry for your troubles, but that is funny!
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    Chimney Rock Saturday 12/8 7:00am

    Good to meet you guys on Saturday, hope I didn't hold you up too much.
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    Chimney Rock Saturday 12/8 7:00am

    I usually try to ride CR around 7:00 on Saturdays, so hopefully I'll be able to meet up with some of you this weekend. I'm assuming you will be meeting at the Newmans Lane lot.
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    Happy Holidays

    I can't watch that here at work, but my wife made one for our family too. We don't have any kids though, so our dogs had to do.
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    Post Your Pets

    Not trail dogs, but they are good company.
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    NFL Tonight

    Funny thing is I am watching the game on Comcast, the NFL HD, 218, channel has the game, but the standard NFL channel, 180, doesn't :confused:
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    Trail Diplomacy: The Simple Path to Mountain Biking's Future

    Thanks for the tips, head on encounters aren't a problem, it's just coming up from behind that seems tougher without spooking anyone or "stalking" them. I'll give the mild cough a try and maybe put a bell on, but I usually reserve that for rail trail type riding when you encounter many more people.
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