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    Opinion on Why Drivers Hate Cyclists

    Don't take this the wrong way because I don't know you from anywhere, but I don't think you read the article carefully, or at all...
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    Charm City

    Baltimore: I-83 North via Lancaster. Never failed us. Trip to-from Clinton area never more than 3 hours. Only the stretch between Reading and Trexlertown is a bit slower but never jammed. My wife used her iPhone (iOS 5 for now) to locate a very nice (as in tiny setting but authentic)...
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    Free sofa bed

    Thanks man, appreciated. :)
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    Free sofa bed

    Oh I'm not. I thought people would be all over it, initially. I contacted about 15 charities initially, put it on craigslist in the "free stuff" section etc. Reminds me of a colleague who got copiously insulted by a hobo once for trying to give him a sandwich :) I ended up dismantling it...
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    My Hovercraft is Full of Podcasts

    Nice recap Norm, good work. Were you using a Shimano chain by any chance? With one of those "special" pins? I personally like the combination Dura-ace chain/sram 10sp. quick link. Work on those starts, the course in Baltimore is very tight and not as passing-friendly as Nittany...
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    Garmin 500 tip

    Lately every ride I did with the Garmin I missed the first mile or 2 because the thing wouldn't start recording distance right away. Recorded time just fine though. I suspected it was starting to get full and having trouble writing to new files. Sure enough, backing up all the files in...
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    Free sofa bed

    If you can get it out my door it's yours. It's an Ikea sofa bed, I'd say 10 years old. Normal wear and tear, getting rid of it because I got a new one and it's too much space. I feel claustrophobic in a plane hangar, so this has to go... PM if interested before I cut it into pieces and it...
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    Wanted: Software Engineer

    Send resumes to Must: - C/C++ extensive professional experience - Network/OS programming experience, unix - Put up with me Plus: - shell script/make/ant proficiency - Java, scripting languages (Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.) - Windows network/OS programming experience
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    Who burns more calories?

    The premise is "athlete" vs. "non-athlete", which makes Utah's quote less relevant in the context. Keep riding and reap the cumulative effect.
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    Who burns more calories?

    Yes and yes, but I'll add that being used to burning more calories is only secondary to the ability to burn more. Again V8 vs. moped engine analogy. Plus overall the metabolism tends to be "faster". I read it somewhere at some point, forget where sorry can't post the link but they had...
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    Who burns more calories?

    Believe it or not, B will burn more calories even doing nothing. Needless to say, riding a bike is the same. Think of A as a crown vic. with a moped engine, and B as a go-kart with a V8. Which reminds me of a Top Gear episode where they tested just that. I love top gear.
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    boyd carbon wheels?

    I'd be weary of China-made rims. I have broken/cracked a few (I weigh about 145#)... Hell, I've even broken an Easton rim, but that was in a crash and repairable. Breaking a rim "JRA" is no good though. Sometimes they provide crash replacement but I know no wheel manufacturer that replaces a...
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    Solstice Check In

    Ellen, thanks to you and Art for your time and efforts, much appreciated. No idea how much I rode / how many days this year. All I know is that it's not enough.
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    Lance v USADA

    I can't believe they asked you to leave... What a society. Some things touch home closer than you might think. I used to race with this guy regularly. Pretty sure he'll come back after the ban like nothing happened. There are a few local riders in this situation. Singling out, hah. Sadly this...
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    Lance v USADA

    No-one should say "I don't care anymore" or "they should just let it go". The effects of doping on riders can be devastating, and too often are. Every now and then there's report of some 18 or 19 year old dying in his sleep, like it's something that "just happens". Right... For the sake...
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