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    Hey, Herbie! How's life? Takin' forever...

    Hey, Herbie! How's life? Takin' forever...
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    For Sale: Prehistoric Wheelset with Power Meter $150

    If you (seller or buyer) update the freehub body there is a special spacer you need, I've got a few extra you're welcome to have.
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    Should a new mountain biker learn to ride on flat or clipless pedals?

    I've been encouraged to ride flats to improve my handling and control. I moved from CX to XC so being clipped in is where I'm comfortable. I might try to ride more on flats this spring. Oh and I'm definitely a shimano user for all the reasons listed. Bombproof, serviceable and inexpensive. Not...
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    Who are you?

    I'll be in that race with you! It is a very flat, very fast, sandy course. One steep punchy climb and some downward stairs. They were thinking about letting people stay overnight in the Scout Camp Bunks and pre-ride the course last year. Hope they make that happen!
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    I'd rather be riding my bike... or sleeping.

    I'd rather be riding my bike... or sleeping.
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    Who are you?

    Experience: 2yrs Fitness: eh... Mtb skills: If this was grammar school, I'd get a needs improvement. Fear factor: terrified
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    CO2... why's it so darn expensive?

    Ohhhh that's a solid price. About a buck twenty each. Thanks for that!
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    CO2... why's it so darn expensive?

    Where do you folks buy your CO2 cartridges? I just feel like they're more expensive than they need to be and I need to reload my stores of them
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    Stages Dash Computer NIB

    Anyone need a bike computer with no maps capabilities? I know this is definitely not the right crowd for non-mapping but I bought a Gen 1 NIB Stages Dash that isn’t going to work for what I thought. Super cheap and open to trades for various stuff I need. Comes with out front mount and stuff...
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    CX bike training tire

    For me, when I'm not racing CX I have Panaracer Gravel King SK 700x38's on my CX bike for gravel racing and general multi purpose off roading.
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    XC race bike upgrades

    Magic always with the words of wisdom... thanks to all!
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    Craftsman Cordless Inflator

    I don't know much about specs but possibly? I'll do some google searching!
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    XC race bike upgrades

    All amazing advice, but yea... this most of all. My biggest (see my beer belly) problem lies right here, My old coach used to joke about seeing overweight races talking about shedding grams on the bike while carrying an extra 10-15 in the mid section. Will be buying new rubber this season...
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    XC race bike upgrades

    All good ideas.. I wonder if my XT hubs can be swapped for a 12 or 13 speed driver? Though it's QR so maybe not? And @Magic I like my Stan's Arch's with Ardents for racing though I'm considering going a bit wider to handle the rocks of Northern NJ
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    Local carbon frame repair?

    Not in Jersey, but Brooklyn based Maxwell at is amazing and his prices are pretty competitive.