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  • thanks cape - perfect - i can incorporate this into my ride for sure - my friend and i are looking to make the ride into a century - this is great info for us - i'll ket you know how we make out
    -marley (jason)
    Hey Marley Man. Here's a pretty solid loop I did back in January with some friends. It's from Halters to Lambertville. Not quite from Monroe but I'm guessing you can work around it. This route takes advantage of some great back roads, has nice scenery and a few good hills. I'm really not sure if you use a Garmin otherwise it might be tough to follow. But here you go!
    thanks cape - not heading to lville this weekend maybe next though - i have a garmin but really just use it for mileage - it probably has many abilities that i'm not aware of - i usually just mapquest my ride and keep the directions of the route on hand - anyway - thanks in advance
    Word man. When I get some time I'll map something out for you. When you riding? this weekend? Do you ride with a Garmin?

    Should be a nice weekend for riding. I'm doing a road race tomorrow and then a long ride in the Lebanon area Sunday. Woop!

    So yeah, Hang tight and I'll send you a link to a route later. Word.
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