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  • hi laura. thanks for the friend add! let me know of any rides you plan on doing in the area. i was out at stephens last wed. evening there were alot of leaves down, but it wasn't that may be know though
    Hello Laura T Im into singlespeed its my only ride on dirt.. Where at deer park do they start or meeting spot for group ride on fridays ? my name is Evan
    Hey there. My name is Jess. I have been riding for a few years, but something always happens to stop me! So this year I am insisting NOTHING stops me so I can get GOOD finally! I started riding the SS and it's like being a kid again! I am in love with the bike.. the geometry.. everything about it!
    So, I work till 3 pm. My mom watches my son. But every other Friday and Monday my mom doesn't work, so I would be able to get out to Deer Park or Kit around 4/4:30. Any other day, I would have to wait for my husband to get home and that would end up being a later ride, and probably not so long too.
    I really need to push myself.. My goal is to do at least ONE race this summer.. however.. I have A LOT of work to do!
    So, whatever evening you may be available, let me know. I'll just tell my hubby to be home from work!

    Hope to talk/ride w/ ya soon!

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