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    Car-spotting thread

    that car is filthy. I've put more effort into cleaning a car that I was turning in after a lease.
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    Post Your Doggo [woof]

    We got Bailey spayed when she was 7 months old and already pretty big. The first day/night she slept in her crate and didn't move except to eat and when she had to go. At first, she couldn't figure out how to get up the stairs with the cone, so we had to carry her up while trying not to hurt her...
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    Honda Dealership

    We picked up a Honda Pilot in July. For the last few leases we've done, I emailed dozens of dealerships asking for a quote. Best way to go. Some were very easy to get a number out of, some were insistent on you coming in. Even with Covid, they'd insist on us coming in the talk. The worst was...
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    What are you watching now?

    I just finished Barbarians on Netflix. 1 short season. Liked it. We're now watching Breaking Bad. Never watched it when it was on and only heard good things. So far, so good
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    Post Your Doggo [woof]

    I keep forgetting to take pics of Bailey, who we adopted in April. I posted some when we first got her, 9 weeks old and 19 lbs. Now she's a solid 65 lbs and still growing. Took her to the Watchung Reservation on Saturday. We've been to other places with her but the Res is 2 minutes away and it...
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    Bring a Trailer - OMFG or On Topic

    I had a 71 Blazer and always wanted a Suburban of the same generation. I wonder what's hiding under that paint though. That's not just a paint crack on the quarter, that's some thick body work under there.
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    Document your Cars

    This was from a post about 5 years ago. I've added a couple since then. One of these days I'll have a fun car again 1974 Chevy Monte Carlo. basically just fell apart. No trunk floor, no floor in the back seat. 1 wiper, no heat. 1970 Monte Carlo. White w/blue vinyl top and interior. Side Pipes...
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    Interesting bikes that showed up at bike shops while they operated with closed/locked doors!

    The oval BMX track at Pete's Bike Shop is where is ran my first BMX race in 78
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    The (unofficial) Tour de Fat

    so sorry for your loss
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    Our middle school is currently hybrid. 1 week in person, 1 week virtual. School until 12:15, then from 1-3pm work with teachers as needed. The HS was going to be hybrid but didn't have enough teachers, so they started the year off with all virtual. Now I hear the HS is going hybrid on 9/21. They...
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    2001 BMW M3 manual convertible

    An Osprey from Solberg flew over my work the other day. It shook the building big time
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    Car-spotting thread

    I used American Collectors on my 69 Coronet. Declared value. I never had to make a claim, but a friend of mine did on a 70 Charger. Major accident while it was being trailered. Insurance covered everything and paid quickly.
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    The (unofficial) Tour de Fat

    I read every post. In fact, I went back and started from the beginning. Keep it up!
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    Round Valley Historical Information

    these are from 1963 1970 1972
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    Car-spotting thread

    and no side markers