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    Anybody have a old 30.9 seatpost that they’d sell?

    I've got one you could have, i'll PM you
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    Ask an automobile mechanic.

    Are you sure it was the AC compressor pulley that seized, and not the alternator pulley clutched bearing? I’ve done a few of those on VWs that have lead to snapped belts
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    Fox Shock Rebuild?

    Gearwork is local (NYC) and offers same day service, however, I have not yet had to use them Or your local LBS
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    Concrete repair

    Sikaflex self leveling concrete sealant
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    29" Carbon rear wheel, Shimano F&R XT brakes

    29" carbon rear wheel, unknown brand - ~24mm internal width. DT240 hub w/ 54T ratchet, 12x142, e*thirteen TRS 11-spd cassette 9-46 - used SOLD Had this as a spare for my damaged Mavic wheel, but they warrantied it so cutting this loose now. It is used, not sure of the brand of the rim. Cassette...
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    2021 Pro Gravity Schedule

    Pinkbike updated on Jess Blewitt’s condition after her gnarly crash. Broken femur requiring surgery, broken collarbone, wrist, cracked rib, and 2 small cracks in her lower back. Hope she recovers quickly and is able to ride next season
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    What kind of bee is this?

    Looks like yellowjacket or wasp - spread some Sevin dust (can get it at Home Depot in the garden supplies area) around the entrance at night and it should take care of them. It is an insecticide that they will track into the nest and kill it. Had a similar issue last year, they took up...
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    Dropped it off at Hilltop for @jimvreeland to replace pivot bearings
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    Trail/race bike?

    Yeti SB115, 130mm/115mm, ~28lbs. Or the SB130, 150mm/130mm, ~30lbs
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    The DIY thread - DIYourself

    Neighbor is putting an addition on his house, so gutted the inside. Was able to grab their kitchen cabinets when they hit the curb, will be great for storage in the new garage/shop. Plywood boxes, soft-close, etc. Nicer than my kitchen cabinets, lol
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    Learn me some Titanium gravel bikes

    Solace Cycles out of NY. I have spoken to them in the past about a frameset, but have not pulled the trigger.
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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Did a quick ride on yellow this AM - a handful of slick spots that can be avoided, rest of the trail is dry. Didn’t come across any standing water. Some spots of trail are pretty eroded, assuming as a result of Ida. Overall in pretty decent shape
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    Hurricane Thread

    Rode over to my buddies place in Cranford today after the flood waters receded, and helped him with some basement cleanout. He got lucky, the water came within 6" of his 1st floor. He's a block in from the Rahway River and that entire area took a beating. Really sad seeing everyone emptying out...
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    Hurricane Thread

    Made out ok on my side of town, but a buddy on the other side of Cranford had a full basement and water into the 1st floor, his street has 5+ ft of water. If anyone in the Cranford area needs anything, reach out
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    What are you cooking right now?

    From Sunday - reverse sear ribeye on the Kamado Joe Jr. Didn't last long enough for an "after" photo
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