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    St. Albans/NW VT riding?

    Saxon hill has plenty of beginner-friendly stuff. Sunny Hollow used to be better until 9/11.
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    Recommend Me a Torque Wrench

    One won't really do it all...
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    Walk into bike shop. "What's up?" Describe issue. Bike being worked on removed from stand, my bike put on stand, problem addressed. "What do I owe you? "Five bucks?" Handing the mechanic a twenty, "This is a five dollar bill."
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    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    I like the "never cleaned it going..." stuff. Then one day...
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    Keyless Adventure - Lost fob

    Pay a dealer to set the original keys up correctly and toss the stuff you just wasted your money and time on.
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    Favorite trailside CO2 thingy

    Hand pump.
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    This Day in History (Post up past events relative to the current date)

    You could try Cartel de Santa...
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    E-bikes are a thing

    It is, however, an obscenity.
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    Who’s quitting?

    Now suffering from being Elongated?
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    Screwing around trying to true the rear wheel.
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