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    Looking for a drywall / spackle contractor (possibly siding work too)

    thanks clark djm- i can do whatever you need. Im licensed and insured. I'll shoot you a PM with my contact info. Thanks Matt
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    Help, I need a Deck Repair

    do you still need help with this?
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    World Cup

    its about f'n time bradley got gone!!!!! 5555555
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    looking for architectural drafting help

    right now im working in Acad 2004LT. Ive got the base plans drawn and laid out. I would need someone to set up the plot sheets insert proper xrefs for title sheets, and perform any mark ups/redlines that i create and draw some details. i would guess that its about 5-6 hours of work.
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    World Cup

    us women blew it. they had the lead twice. they had two mental lapses and they paid the price. they made it to the finals by their tenacity and their mental toughness and in the end thats what cost them. they got lax if only for a few seconds. and the the "heart" of the japanese is what won that...
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    Looking to Rent a commercial kitchen

    My wife is trying to set up a business making pickles. She needs a health department licensed facility in order to process and pack the food. She is looking for a short term rent or lease or possibly to rent out an existing deli/restuarant and use it in the off hours. Thanks
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    World Cup

    holy crap i really like talking/viewing/talking about the world cup
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    World Cup

    The us got owned by Mexico. It was nice to see the us come out and go up two goals as opposed to their performance in the WC. it was also nice to see Adu perform. Aside from dempsy he was one of the few players for the US that really had an impact.
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    Montauk road riding

    Ditto on all of the above hither woods is great for ss and all of the roads are great for road riding we did the ride out to thE lighthouse daily with 2 kids in a trailer go to the shop in town they have the skinny on most everything
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    FREE: ceiling fans

    I'll take them if they are still available
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    What Do You Do For A Living

    how many of your drafted with pencil on mylars?
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    What Do You Do For A Living

    MIke any chance you guys might be hiring? Im currently laid off and have 18+ years in the industry
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    Looking for excavator/stone mason.

    are you still looking? PM me if interested
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    World Cup

    havent been here in a while forgot how much fun football talk was
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