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    Any local places services fox suspension on site and quickly?

    That's what backup bikes are for...n+1.
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    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    A few spokes and a derailleur too. And don't say not doable, I bet there are a few who can.
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    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    I skipped the big log ride since I was going the wrong direction for it. I'll ride it next time though. I hate skinnies but it looks wide and simple enough. The 3 drops/jumps in a row on Catsnest are sweet though!
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    The Social Distancing in Isolation Contest & Never-ending Peter Pan Positivity Parlay

    Hot afternoon ride at Ringwood, then came home and grilled the Sunday family feast.
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    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    Dusty dry. And it rained a bit during my ride but it barely got through the canopy. Checked out the new work on the 6 Bridges area (though I've never ridden over there before so it was super new to me.) Really cool stuff. I will be back bc I think 6 Bridges would be more fun in the clockwise...
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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    I'm in Madison and it didn't rain at all until like 2:30. It rained hard for about 20 minutes, lightly before that, and sunny now at 4:45. If we don't get any more rain, there will be some puddles in the low-lying areas but other than that i think it should be fine. It's been so hot and dry...
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    Things that make you frown :(

    Deciding not to ride today due to the all-day thunderstorm threat. So far, just a couple sprinkles. Damn you weatherman!
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    Bontrager Clipless Shoes - size 42

    New shoes anyone?
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    Will we have a season?

    Ah yes, I remember (not so) fondly the waiting around to race days too. Really kills your mojo. I dunno what was worse, baking in the summer sun or standing on top of Plattekill in the late fall snow. Good times.
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    Never mind E-bikes ... what about E-boards???

    Saw a dude "riding" one at Sourlands once. Don't think he made it much past the parking lot and pretty sure he never came back.
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    Dickerson Mine Preserve Conditions

    Yesterday it looked like all bypasses were still closed. Definitely saw a lot of work you did to close them off.
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    Dickerson Mine Preserve Conditions

    Perfect conditions today and didn't even feel too hot with the breeze and low humidity. Had the place to myself. Awesome work on the new trail. Gonna be a sweet loop when it's finished. Berms, jumps, drops, very fun and well built. I'd love to help get it done if you want company. Let me...
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    Pick Your Bike For Wildcat

    i switch back and forth between my 150mm trail bike and my 100mm hardtail there and have fun on both. Just gotta be slower and more delicate/precise with the hardtail but i love it for all the climbing.
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    What are some places to ride not to far into PA

    You should also check out Port Jervis. (yes, i know that's NY and not PA but probably same driving distance)
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    What are some places to ride not to far into PA

    Someone already posted but definitely check out the Lehigh Valley - most places are easy access off I-78. Salisbury, South Mountain, Trexler come to mind. ( Jacobsburg is eh but has mileage and a change of scenery and is just north of I-78 right off Rt-33. Glen Park and the...