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    29er vs 26er,FS vs Hardtail

    A cross between a ht and a f/s is what I'm on. I have a Salsa DOS Niner that I run with a carbon fork. The frame itself is a soft tail, yielding 1" of travel and it's an alum, frame also. So the soft tail yields just enough cush to make you think you're on a quality steel stead, yet has...
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    a comfy saddle

    I was born and raised in NJ, does that count? :D
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    I can't decide

    IMO, get what fits you the best. If at all possible, try to find the one that fits in the toptube and get that one! Buying by brand is fine, but it tends to lead to a bike that does not fit as well as it could. Which one of the bikes feels best when you are riding it? Why? How is the...
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    a comfy saddle

    Saddles are all about personal preference. WTB's make great products to meet the needs of most people and usually are a favorite of mine. A few things to point out. ~ Most people are affected by saddles rubbing, and even after finding one that feels great, being off the bike for a week can...
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    Ergon Grips

    I got my first set of Ergon's last May and love'm. They work so well that you don't notice they are there and to me that is the best compliment. I just bought my second pair too. Two suggestions when purchasing: 1) By the size indicated, I initially thought small was the way to go becuase of...
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    Dos Niner SS ride report.

    I finally got to ride it on day 8 of ownership! I was so excited and the bike impressed! Bike Setup for me being 210#. 50psi rear shock, REBA 80mm (155psi pos/130neg) and tires 30psi f/r for the SmallBlock 8's. The first thing I noticed it that SS's suck on the commute to the trail, the...
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    Cannondale next on Pacifics list???

    This is bad news. C'dale is one of the only companies I'd even consider a 26" bike from because they are made here.
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    And then there were 2

    Lisa and I were joking that NJ should change it's slogan from the Garden State to NJ Rocks!
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    Ringwood State Park Ride, NOT!

    Well, our attempt to make it to Ringwood today was a little of a let down and failure, but we tried to make the most of what was dealt to us. As the wife put it, we made Lemonade of Lemons. Our story... Lisa will chime in soon, but so far her B-day breakdown pans out like this: 8:30am...
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    Chain falling off question.

    A lot depends on setup of gearing too. My friend is using a med derail. and with proper chain setup on the large/large, allows for too much slack when using middle/11-13t. We took out 2 links and now you can't do large/large, but there is great tension across the board.
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    Old Jersey Boy.

    I really appreciate the offer, but I'll have to take a raincheck for now. We'll be heading to a NYY game on Sunday. All the PM's and info have been great, THX!
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    Ringwood Video

    damn cool stuff! I can't wait to ride there!
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    Ringwood info.

    Good Deal! The map provided printed out pretty well. We'll most likely park at the school and ride from there. Most likely earlier Friday morning. We may be able to squeeze in a few parks in one day before heading back for some Roma's Pizza. You guys don't know how good you have it...
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    Ringwood info.

    Oh, closer than I thought! Very Cool! Our skill level is pretty good, local trails are pretty steep and rocky along the James River, plus we head to the mountains pretty often. I'm not too macho, so if I can't clean a section after trying it, walking doesn't bother me. LOL My motto...
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    Old Jersey Boy.

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I hope to be up this Thursday - Sunday. The wife wants to go to NYC for her B-day, so I am thinking Friday is ride day for us, followed by Sat in NYC.
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