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    New Snowboard: Wax? or no?

    It should be pre waxed.
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    2010 Formula 1 Season

    Schui don't sweat, he's machine not man. Or the stig. Pretty sure his blood is 0W-30 synthetic and his water is methanol.
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    Road cassette quandry

    Jeff, I had the same thing happen to me when I bought a new set of Easton wheels. My solution was to take the freehub shell off, clamp it in the lathe, and machine the taller splines flush with the shorter ones. Bonus loss of a gram or two of rotating weight :D. Yes, Colorado is nice btw.
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    BC rules.

    Bueno suerte amigo
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    Dave's Going Away Ride

    Those are the arms off of a rockgardn pressure suit. Only use it when doing stupid things, but it has kept me intact. Thanks for boost of street cred Woody!
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    Dave's Going Away Ride

    NOOOO! Anything but that! You are going to ruin my sterling rep as a badass mountain biker!
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    Dave's Going Away Ride

    Hey everybody. I just went and checked out the trails at Ramapo and Ringwood to see if we are going to be able to ride tomorrow. It looks like we are going to be dealing with between 3" - 12" of wet snow depending on which way the trails face and how much use they've seen. Seems like everyone...
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    new lights

    As someone who works in the industry and also builds his own lights, that guy does know what he is talking about. I have also read the mixed reviews on magicshine, and the price point they are at also discouraged me from doing a small side run of lights for sale. I have not had one of the...
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    Dave's Going Away Ride

    Awesome guys, it's great to see so many people coming for this. Thank You! Lets hope some of this snow disappears so we don't have to have a going away hike.
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    Conditions Skyline 2/15

    I went hiking at Ramapo yesterday evening, soccer field up to the castle. Riding is going to be difficult for quite some time, the white stuff was knee deep in places. The road around the lake is plowed and has a compacted surface.
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    Conditions Skyline 2/15

    Allright! Shaping up well for this weekend. Now if only my wrist would know, the one I reinjured even worse this past weekend.
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    The conditions for the next few days...

    No, but he might be able to take better photos with the i phone than some mo can with an slr. Of course a better camera will take better photos, but you need to know how to use the camera and frame the photo.
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    The conditions for the next few days...

    It's not the camera, it's the guy behind it that counts.
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    Touch Up Paint

    Which Cdale? :D
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    Dave's Going Away Ride

    Thanks everybody! Of course strangers can come! I just won't eat any candy you bring.
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