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  • lets try another time! The weather was hot this weekend..I went to Clayton Park on sunday...and rode at double trouble on saturday...drank tons of water! peace!
    thats cool....I don't know what I was thinking....I was not in any shape to ride anyway..root cananl is done...tooth is in tact...I'll be up and riding sometime this weekend. catch you later. I've been meaning to mention, Its so funny, I noticed on facebook that you are friends with my friend Doug VanStavern..small worlds are filled with great people!.
    i wish i could join you for a ride but unfortunately i work a double tomorrow 5am-10 pm 8 ( however i am off both thur and fri this week and both look to be nice. sorry to hear about you tooth. i hate toothaches and hope that you feel better.
    Hi Chris!
    I sometimes ride Double Trouble after work..I don't get out of work till 3:30 but I work in south toms river..it gives me only like 45 minutes to sprint during the week. On weekends in the winter I go to Allaire. So if your ever riding at that time I'd be into meeting at Double Trouble. Its a short ride during the week but so worth it!
    hey elisa,
    thanks. yes, i'm from toms river. i plan on riding and running tomorrow depending on the monsoons 8 ). i usually ride allaire early afternoon tue or thur, but would be interested in double trouble if you're going.
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