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    Raritan 911: Robocop

    oooofffff. Can't save that mans pride. its long gone. Also @Carson - did the AARP ones start showing up yet? They are good for 4/5 mailers per week when you sign someone up for them.
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    Forum Restart - 7/1/2020

    Performing this during my lunch was not expected....
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    2020 garden thread

    My cucumbers and a few of my pepper plants were snacked on. Believed by some rabbit(s). Long range plan is a better fence around the garden and some raised beds. It'll be a winter project. Some of the tomatoes were nibbled but nothing crazy. Any other tips on keeping those bunnies away...
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    Looking for a fat 28mm or skinny 30mm tire.

    Try mounting the tire 180 degrees to its current position. Sure the logo wont be at the stem, but it may be a combination of the rim and the tire being out... or
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    Raritan 911: Robocop

    @BrianGT3 speaks the truth. He knows his shit about shit.
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    Manual Machine work?

    I would get that all the time on my street bike some kids on the curb would ask - while I was slowly moving in traffic..... So now I do it to kids and see what they do. Most of the time its "naaaa I cannnnn't."
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    The Social Distancing in Isolation Contest & Never-ending Peter Pan Positivity Parlay

    What ever happened to the 3 Parking Spot manual contest? Did I miss it? @stb222
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    ISO a single speed mountain bike- medium hardtail

    A buddy of mine (not on the board) has a Vassago Jabbawacky 29er rigid for $600. Yes - rear tire needs some attention.... Quick pic below. If you or anyone else is interested, PM me and I'll send you his #. He's in Tinton Falls.
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    Car-spotting thread

    Matching Nubbers man, Matching Nubbers...
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    Raritan 911: Robocop

    I've worked in several sewer plants/pump stations and rubbers are common place. No different that poison ivy on the trail. You'd be surprised what else can come down the line.
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    Who likes to smoke their meat?

    Had family over for a father's day gathering. Costco 3 Pack. Salt. Pepper. Garlic. Smoked in with some apple chips. 3.5 hrs. Mostly fall off the bone. Probably should have taken up to 200* from 190*.
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    Jim's training thread

    Just insane. Unreal. Bravo Jim. Your efforts are just insane. How was the ferry ride?
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    Car-spotting thread

    Did the camaro get a new hood? @jimvreeland
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    God I love Craigslist.......

    I see your Moan Lower and I raise you a homemade death trap that also cuts your lawn. You can find anything on FB Marketplace
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    32” LG 720p TV $50

    F the EPA.