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    The 2021 lawn thread

    Only stupid if it doesnt work. Following lawn mowing we expect a proper dismissal with FIRE! or a new bike.
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    The Queen wants a classic Convertible

    First Gen of the TT was in 1998. Are QQ plates a requirement?
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    Car-spotting thread

    There's an important safety lesson in the Fire photo. Keep the doors closed in your house. The interior of that house had very very minor smoke damage due to the garage door to the house being closed.
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    Jim's training thread

    What gearing do you run for these long events? Anything outrageous or you have enough spread in the 1x setup to be OK?
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    Attic wood rot?

    Looks like you gotta call the Repair man.
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    Things that make you smile :)

    Long time dream of mine to have fresh eggs. Finally picked up some girls Sunday.
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    Attic wood rot?

    Have you checked your chimney cap/flashing? Could be running down from/around the chimney behind/along the siding. This requires a ladder and comfortability walking on a roof. Bring FS downhill rig up top and send it for return to mother earth. Please video.
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    What Bird Did You See Today?

    Fuck yo' paint!
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    The DIY thread - DIYourself

    This. Composite and PT Lumber have to be almost identical in price now.....
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    The 2021 lawn thread

    #nofilter. My iphone finally took a nice photo, no bullshit. Still need to service the mower blades were still sharp. TruGreen has to be given credit for the lack of dandelions. There were other spots not this glorious where it was still kinda wet.
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    Snapped Water Bottle Cage Bolt

    Then obviously a new bike is warranted. Cut a slice across the bung and the broken bolt with a dremil. Then use a small headed screw driver to backout? It will score the bung (hey now!) but you should have no issue spinning a new one in.
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    The Queen wants a classic Convertible

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    Trail Maintenance - don't do this

    This. Lets the rider pick their line, lets the hiker choose theirs. This I hate. The logs in front are obviously smaller, move around, and are more likely prone to catching a derailleur.
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    The DIY thread - DIYourself

    Lumber through the roof. Vinyl products through the roof. Raw metal through the roof. I have vendors quoting stuff with 24hr quote expiration. Not 30 days, not 15 days. One vendor bid a job needing 2x12's - had pricing of $1.75LF in his bid 9 months ago. Now its $4.40LF.
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    The 2021 lawn thread This bad boy will cut up hill at 30* plus its got several attachments to help. If you've ever seen one in person, its a pretty bad ass machine.
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