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    Dura ace 9 sp pulleys

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    World Cup DH back this weekend!

    Those are the practice times. Qualifying times are all over the place with rain coming down: 1st. Joe Breeden: 4:07.982 2nd. Davide Palazzari: +1.083 3rd. Faustin Figaret: +1.983 4th. Forrest Riesco: +2.277 5th. Brook Macdonald: +6.453 6th. Amaury Pierron: +7.314 7th. Jack Reading: +8.076 8th...
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    World Cup DH back this weekend!

    Surprised but happy to see Neko take the win. Seemed like Dak Norton and maybe Bruce Klein came in with more momentum.
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    2008 Cervelo RS - 56cm

    Somewhat reluctantly selling my 2008 Cervelo RS. Located in Randolph NJ near Dickerson Mine. Everything is in good condition, although the wheel bearings/freehub bearing do need an overhaul. Parts breakdown is as-follows: Frame: 2008 Cervelo RS Fork: Easton EC90 Hubs: Campagnolo Proton Rims...
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    Cannondale Synapse BB and headset questions

    Thanks. The expansion wedges should roughly align with the lower stem bolt? Looks like it matches the supersix instructions.
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    Cannondale Synapse BB and headset questions

    So I picked up a 2019 Synapse with the Ultegra Di2 setup and it's pretty sweet, but I am having two glaring issues. The first being the headset. The Cannondale manual shows the use of the K35058 compression assembly with a top cap that looks like a cap. They suggest a 3mm drop from the top of...
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    World Cup DH back this weekend!

    Amaury's GoPro is ridiculous: Wishing that we could have seen Gwin here. I'm not sure that he would have had the pace to match Bruni or Pierron, but always enjoy his style of riding. Definitely wouldn't count the guy out just yet.
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    Superheroes Pop Wall Art

    Have an extra copy of this (version mounted on a panel): Asking $50 to start. Located in Randolph near Dickerson Mine.
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    “The Rules”. A point or counterpoint

    If you're around people who are referencing these in a serious way, I'd recommend either responding with a look of serious disappointment any time the topic comes up until the behavior changes or otherwise finding different people to be around.
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    Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit

    New, never got around to using it before my car was totaled. $10. Located in Randolph near Dickerson Mine.
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    PD-R600 Road Pedals - $5

    These are fairly old but still work well. Located in Randolph near Dickerson Mine.
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    Weird headset fitment older Cervelo

    Cervelo's response was the following: "These bearings look a bit tall, Bearings can be available in different heights, cane creek specifically. The bike was spec'd with an FSA headset, whose bearings are not sold with height as a third dimensional option. Aesthetically these gaps are not...
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    Weird headset fitment older Cervelo

    Looks like just the (slightly rusted) crown race to me. Bearing definitely seems to be sitting high to me. Guess it would be worth trying a cc crown race?
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    Weird headset fitment older Cervelo

    You know, I bet you're right. There is a fair chance that the bearing is sitting on part of the original bearing or the race needs to be replaced with a cc item. Very helpful suggestions, thank you. I have a pretty wide assortment of bearing pullers so bet that I could modify one if necessary...
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    Weird headset fitment older Cervelo

    Just recently replaced the headset bearings on my 2008 Cervelo RS with an EC90 fork. According to Cervelo, "The RS uses 1-1/8" integrated bearings with 36 x 45 degree races as both upper and lower bearings". I purchased replacement Cane Creek bearings...