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    Question for the Mr. Pink owners, or the fender saavy

    You'll need a very long rear fender to not spray the bike trailer. I have used some rubber stair tread material to make a mud flap for more coverage. I dont like plastic fenders. Steel or aluminum fenders have a rolled edge that directs spray downwards. They mounts up way more solidly too.
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    Bike Camping April 4-5, 2020 Denville to Kittatinny Valley State Park

    We roll slow and have tons of fun! All are welcome... All details are here: and here is the facebook:
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    Bicycle Film Festival, Morristown 9/7/19

    Sounds fun. I've been to several in NYC. I'm planning a ride out to Morris Museum. Word
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    Roadbike groupset newbie question

    Whoops! You are right. Sorry for the bad info on my posts above.
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    Roadbike groupset newbie question

    That should work just fine. Actually any 8, 9 or 10 shimano derailleur should work.
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    Roadbike groupset newbie question

    6 through 10 speed Shimano Road & MTB are compatible. 11 speed are not
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    Gravel Grinder - Road Bike search.

    I'd do a Crust frame... Lightning Bolt or Romanceur Compass/Rene Herse Tires 650b x 38-48 depending on cush needed.
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    Jim's training thread

    Cool build. Front load bias works great only when paired with a low trail steering geometry. Feels very stable but responsive. Nitto M-12 with boxy handlebar bag makes a lot of sense, easy snacking & changing clothes without stopping. Quick release decaleur for bringing the bag into the...
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    help me design a mtb skills course

    Pics from each end.
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    2018 NJ Rando series

    I've wanted to try an Arrow ride for years. I have a riding buddy who would be a great teammate and is into trying one this year. We both have lots of long distance experience. If we could find another teammate I'd love to commit to some long team training rides, design a great route and...
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    help me design a mtb skills course

    I've been working on a pump track in a scrubby section of my yard for a couple years now. So far, its a loop about 200' long w/ some crossovers, a double & tabletop jump, all rollable. Super fun/challenging for me and my 4 year old can rail everything on his balance bike. My take aways are...
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    what roadie tires for these wheels?

    Road w/ some dirt, I'd choose these:
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    Referrals Please! Real Estate Agent Montville/Kinnelon

    I second Jackie. My family met a lot of realtors, none compare. She works really hard.
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    Need recommendation: book about training for endurance cycling

    Coach John Hughes...
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    CX/gravel grinder for adventures.

    Compared to race tires, high volume, low pressure tires get way less flats. My last pair of 650bx42 Hetre’s got exactly 1 flat after 6k miles when the rear was getting very thin. A lot of commuting miles over littered streets, though I ride pretty far left. I run them around 40psi. Sharp crap...