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    Hitler is upset about Six Mile being too wet to ride.

    Wow! Does this become the 2017 blog now
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    Farewell Chris Schilling

    I've only rode with Schilling a handful of times but I'm heartbroken hearing this news. He was there for me when I first started riding and helped give me a tour of allaire. I will never forget this. He was also there on a few group allaire rides and gave his all on the beginner rides...
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    Send all your thoughts & prayers to Schilling

    Schilling, wishing you +++++vibes and a [single]speedy recovery!
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    See YA at magnaball! I may hit Mann last minute..... Anyone going to chicago for GD50?
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    655? 555 is one of Gordon's best're nuts.
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    Strider glider kids bike

    damnnn, guess i can't be picky about color!
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    bummer to least couch tour is an option if you had the time for the other venues when you aren't away... I am heading to Chicago for GD50, but i haven't been able to get tix yet....i have unrefundable flight and hotel so i am kinda stuck. also going to magnaball.... got a pretty...
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    Anyone catching any 2015 shows?
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    Hey All

    hey, just stopping in, it's been a while. The new site looks very nice, great job! It's been crazy busy since my daughter was born. I really hope to get back on 2 wheels very very soon, my head needs it. I also stopped by to see if there were anyone selling their Striders. I can't wait to...
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    Strider glider kids bike

    I'm interested but not sure about getting my 14 month old daughter a blue one. She's probably a bit young for it yet, I'm looking to pull the trigger t the beginning of summer I think.
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    Official Football Discussion Thread

    I'm in if you need more teams.
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    Somerset County roads closed

    I believe part of Pulaski rd is closing this week.
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    People who can't order properly at Chipotle

    viva is the best place I've had in nj. Macho is that good? Don't make me go to LewMo.... And they moved to turntable about 6 months ago, from their old location. It's much bigger and nicer, althought, I liked the little shack approach.
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    People who can't order properly at Chipotle

    You people need to get some real Mexican food. Try either viva Mexico in flemington or Maria's taqueria in jamesburg.
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    Surprised not to see this posted already

    Some footage of an accident with a car on a pedestrian section of a bridge. un-freakin-believable. actually not really.... I hope all is well w/ everyone, its been a while since i've been around here. having a kid could do that i suppose.