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    Mountain Man 2019 -----> 2020

    I registered this morning. :eek:
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    Newbie here! (Belleville NJ Essex County Rider)

    Welcome! @muddybike is around Essex I believe... don't hold me to it though!
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    I'm glad this bike will get some love and affection! This was my first "non-walmart" bike that I bought when I was at University and I was so excited that it didn't weigh a ton! lol Enjoy!
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    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    Ahhhh to be young and fearless...
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    MTBNJ sticker\magnets?

    We still have 2 big boxes of them!!
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    Kingdom Trails trail closures

    If you go to a restaurant in VT, they will ask if you have quarantine and will ask for your digits for contact tracing. At the hotel, we had to sign an agreement saying that we had quarantine ourselves for 14 days (or 1 week and a negative test). We had to do the same thing to buy the tickets...
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    Happy Birthday @rottin' ?

    Happy birthday!! Hope it's a great day!
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    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    I vouch for the pie being very yummy!
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    The Joy of Mountain Biking

    It can definitely be a hobby! It’s my hobby too! It’s a hobby that’s good for you and has the added benefit to keep you fit and moving.
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    Chimney Rock Conditions

    From a friend on his ride yesterday... Simply put, blue trails were a swamp. I rode from my house into the park and have to go through Blue. Wasn't good. White, red are good. Orange & yellow best. I took the road on my return to avoid going through Blue again.
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    Interesting read, albeit a bit long.
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    State Park Closures AND Reopenings!

    Includes county parks too...
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    State Park Closures AND Reopenings!

    We were at 6-mile Run yesterday and when we got there, there were 5-6 guys congregating together after their ride. I told @Norm, this is why they're going to close all the parks soon. And here we are, not even 24 hours later :-(