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    NJ DMV

    I have to deal with a title replacement and register a boat/trailer. Lucky I was able to grab an appointment at Wallington next week. Anybody know if they’ll let you do multiple transactions on one appointment? I tried to book a second appointment but the system won’t let you book two.
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    Steadyrack Bike Storage...anyone have any experience with this?

    FYI - Unistrut does make a 2 wheel trolley but the 4-wheeler will keep the hook from deflecting when you try to hang something. For hanging MTB's in a small space, the key seems to be turning the handlebars at a 45 degree the Yakima Hanover or Lolo rear racks. The problem is...
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    Steadyrack Bike Storage...anyone have any experience with this?

    This thread has me thinking about finally re-jiggering my garage storage. SteadyRack looks great but I need to hang like 10 bikes of all different wheel sizes and types. I think I'm going to build a hanging "meat rack" system using hooks on a steel channel with hooks on rolling trolleys...
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    let stalk about xert

    Never heard of Xert until today. Sounds like a breath mint. Logos and branding are a hot mess. But....I’m all for analytics to tell me how I can train even less than I did before.
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    Longshot - Vitorria Terreno Dry 700x33 tubeless

    I’ve got one. Never ridden. I’ll PM
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    NJ Boating Safety Certificate

    I took the exam last fall. The questions are indeed as dumb as they come. When I registered for the exam they sent a link to this course review: Everything you need to know for the test is in that 20 minute video.
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    Snow is gone but the ticks are back and hungry. I pulled a couple off myself and the the doggos after a short walk yesterday.
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    Car-spotting thread

    Some day we will say this about mid-size unibody SUVs.
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    Fly then rent. Or drive your personal car then rent a RV once you arrive. It's really nice having an extra vehicle so you don't have to break camp every time you want to do a day trip or get groceries. We have rented through Outdoorsy. Smooth process each time but make sure you vet the...
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    40c Tires: Current State of the Art?

    I have Terreno Dry in 38. As I recall they seem not to have great traction on steep stuff. Also the side knobs are not confidence inspiring. Maybe I’ll give em another try
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    40c Tires: Current State of the Art?

    It's been a hot minute since I bought CX tires and its boom time for 40c+ gravel offerings. What's the new hots? Looking for something that rolls ok on road but works well in a CX-bike-as-a-MTB situation. Something that would rip at 6 mi, but that you wouldn't curse on the ride back home...
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    What Bird Did You See Today?

    The Great Backyard Bird Count starts tomorrow. We're planning on doing this with the kiddos. "Participating is easy, fun to do alone, or with others, and can be done anywhere you find birds. Simply watch birds for 15 minutes or more, at least once over the four days...
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    Home automation

    Literal "shit hits the fan" moment right there. Anybody here running Home Assistant for automation?
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    The Indoor Cyclist's support thread

    I'm just realizing how strange it is that an actual bicycle is first gaming console I have ever owned.
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    The Indoor Cyclist's support thread This particular edition got really super lazy mid-race. Zwift tells me my FTP is 4.04 w/kg which may be high but lets go with that (it was something like 4.4-4.5 back in the training days so 4 seems reasonable). @60.3kg that puts FTP at 244w. Not...
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