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    Who likes to smoke their meat?

    Hi jmanic I have been using a mailbox method in my diy box, and it works great for salmons and cheese, eggs, etc. Have a pellet tray inside, a bait bubbler pushing air into tub to keep airflow. Last for 4-6 hrs of nice smoke. I mix in some actual wood chips with the pellets for smoke mixes...
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    Post Your Doggo [woof]

    Our rescue pups first Christmas! Say hi to the group Ranger.
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    Building a Gravel Grinder - XL Stache Frame

    Have to cancel. Just spent a ton of money on vet bills and then had to put our dear dog to sleep..
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    Building a Gravel Grinder - XL Stache Frame

    Interested in the frame. My sons old bike is WAY to small. Will touch base after the holiday as I will be traveling.
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    4 Bike Hitch Rack

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    4 Bike Hitch Rack

    Bucknejo, I have this, it's big, its heavy, and needs a little cleanup work. $50. Holds 1-4 ,bikes, when using two bikes the 3rd 4th section folds up. 2" hutch with anti sway bolt. The clamps can move to any location along frame to clamp just about any part of the bike.
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    JORBA Open Membership Page

    Sent you and email Kirt. Thanks all for the help.
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    JORBA Open Membership Page

    I became a member at the mtb fest in October, but haven't heard a single word or email since. Not too worried about the socks, but wondering is anything sent out to members? Notification? I sent JorbaNJ emails to their listed email on the web page but never get a response. Any thoughts? Neil.
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    Recycling old tubes ...

    Would second life bikes need them?
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    Free - Golf bag and Clubs

    Hey. Is your friend tall? My son is looking for some clubs but hes 6'4" and is looking for some longer clubs to start using? Neil
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    The December Get Outside (Or Anywhere) As Long As Your Active And Take A Picture Thread

    Fat bikes in the woods at a very quiet Stephen's this morning. Didn't see anyone else around. Thanks Steve (red n white) for showing me around.
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    The December Get Outside (Or Anywhere) As Long As Your Active And Take A Picture Thread

    Lunchtime ride at work today in Madison! Basically flat but great stress relief! Only me n the snow out in Loantaka.
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    The November Get Outside and Take a Picture thread

    #optoutside. Took the fatbike and tried some CT trails, had some nice riders give me some trail info. Lots of old farm rock wall crossings, singletrack, some cool rock droppings, and even some beach riding.
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    Winter Flat Pedal Boots

    Having pain in similar spot, and told my shoes are too narrow. The ball of foot is squeezed and pushes pressure in ball. At least what im being told. Guess I need to find shoes in wide now. Just sharing..
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    Have fun! It's a great family affair down there. Looks to be about the same age as when my son raced down there when he was young. I even picked up a cruiser and raced with the adults. Fun times. But that was years ago...