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    Allaire Conditions

    I rode There on monday the 16th the trails are looking real good, there is the normal problems out there with the poor drainage, and right at the beginning its a bit muddy (from the hospital rd parking lot in a few hundred feet), but once you get back there its good, trails are not that beat up....
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    advice on getting a garmin

    what is follow maps?
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    advice on getting a garmin

    both trail and road riding, i was leaning towards the 810 more, but just wanted to see what peoples thoughts are
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    advice on getting a garmin

    I'm tired of riding with my camelback and i use my phone to track my rides, i want to get a garmin, not really worried about the price, i was looking at the 810, or the edge 1000, what do people think?
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    2011 demo 8
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    Garmin Edge 810 (LIKE NEW)

    if u don't mind me asking, why downgrade.... ?
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    night riding

    anyone in the area of allaire wanna do some Late afternoon rides during the week, I'm usually home from work between 4-5 depending on traffic, if anyone wants to do some Late afternoon rides I'm in any day is good for me, i life 10-15 min from allarie so ill be ready,
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    Climb/Descent right of way?

    yes i herd someone sunday back in the wood with a ding ding bell, as i was coming up the hill, i yelled up and said coming up!! at the top was 5 people waiting for me to come up, so ya just gotta use those lungs in that situation.... safe riding everyone.....
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    Climb/Descent right of way?

    I'll move over and let faster guys pass, I'll stay to the right as much as I can, if need be and someone is coming up the hill I'll let them go before they slow down. I have no problems with that. But today that just pissed me off. They all looked at me like a deer in the headlights. Sry bike n...
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    Climb/Descent right of way?

    i figure this is a good place to put this, to the group of (6-8 guys) in blue and white riding clothing in Allaire today, specifically about 1/4 way threw tiger woods trail just chatting away in the middle of the trail and blocking the trail where they could of moved up ten feet where there was...
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    fork opinions

    I'm actually keeping my fox 36 float for my new bike, it still works great AND I've never had problems with it..... maybe in the future ill try the pike but until then its fox all the wAY....
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    white clay

    after the rain we had today, do you guys think the trails will be real muddy tomorrow? we were planning a ride down there tomorrow but not sure if its worth it, if its going to be a mud fest??
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    fork opinions

    im not worried about the money part, I'm just trying to find out what people think of the Pike compared to the fox float. i love fox forks and shocks, i haven't heard any issues with the Pike yet but i don't want to get it and have it take a shit on me
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    fork opinions

    I'm looking into a new bike 2014 specialized evo stumpy, and I'm in the middle right now between a rockshox solo air, and a 2015 fox float 34mm, what do you guys think! I've always rode fox forks on all my bikes but I've been hearing great reviews about the new rockshox, so I'm not sure...
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    Glass in allaire

    maybe u can't ride on the trail, but there is nothing stopping me from riding on them :D
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