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    Jim's training thread

    @Magic he's even got the Legitspeed plate mount! I like this Shawn.
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    Gaining as many gifs as possible before...

    This could easily pass for a still shot from a Calcium Supplement commerical.
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    OFFICIAL Facebook Memories Thread

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    Car-spotting thread

    2004 M3 was on Wheeler Dealers last night.
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    Official: Doppelgänger Thread

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    Car-spotting thread

    Too big to fit in the dumpster.
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    Things that make you smile :)

    Who's wedding was this taken at?
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    OFFICIAL: 2019-2020 Fantasy Football League Thread - ITS ALMOST GO TIME BABY

    Now I know why you guys laughed at me taking Cam again. Thankfully I gots the GOAT. Hopefully he didn't kiss Darnold.
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    New to Jersey

    Things you'll need to get used to: 1. Taxes 2. A buttered roll is breakfast 3. Someone else pumping your gas 4. Taxes 5. Calling the beach "the shore" 6. Taxes 7. Baby head rocks Welcome to NJ!
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    OFFICIAL: 2019-2020 Fantasy Football League Thread - ITS ALMOST GO TIME BABY

    So it looks like 10th wasn't the best place to draft. And I should have played TB12. And Crowder. Fudge.
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    Vehicle inspections

    My understanding is you will 100% fail with a catless downpipe. Even without a CEL the system won't come in to ready mode, cannot be checked, and they'll use a mirror to check for a cat.
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    Vehicle inspections

    I don't hear the Millennials talking about inspection stickers, that's for sure. Now that it's $180 fine, guys look for other infractions that don't hurt so much. Not to say you still can't get stopped and written for it. But I agree it's not enforced like it used to be. Yes, 1995 and older no...
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    Things that make you smile :)

    Jet lag // Ambien Jenga!!
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    Things that make you smile :)

    TravelOn bag around my body with every zipper locked. They'll have to drag me to Croatia to get any Euros from me. Thank you though. I think Greece was worse, honestly.