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    24" girls bike

    looking to sell a 24" girls next bike. would be great for a kid just to ride around the neighborhood. pretty much new but i built my gf a new hardtail to ride. looking for $40 or so. make an offer i can't refuse. pick up in greenwood lake ny
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    Free qr front wheel and extra rim

    2nd in line
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    Items for sale

    my last PM may not have sent, let me know if you got it
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    Items for sale

    i'll take the saddle
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    Sat 10/5..thinking of trying WayWay

    i'm usually around for a ride. didn't see anyone else riding though i spent a good amount of time hiking rockadendron. that trail is hard when it's wet :p
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    Sat 10/5..thinking of trying WayWay

    i must have just missed you guys! got to the cherry ridge lot around 3:45. too bad i missed this thread :cry:
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    White trail reroute, new trail.

    Just rode this about an hour ago. It's amazing! Thanks so much everyone for the work you have put in
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    60cm, Cannondale R400

    I would have taken it if the size wasn't so big haha
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    Maxxis ardent 29 ust lust brand new

    This is Tim that works at town cycle? I'm possibly interested in these, ill stop by the shop one day
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    new to MTB

    Ill be sure to make a scene each time for other folks enjoyment lol
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    new to MTB

    Thanks everyone. I'm loving every bit of this including the 0mph clipless falls haha
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    new to MTB

    hi everyone. let me start by saying i grew up down the street from jungle habitat pretty much and have never mountain biked :confused:. i bmx'd, snowboarded and skateboarded for many years but last year picked up a trek marlin and it's been an addiction since! went from 1 bmx to 4 bikes in a...
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