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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    LewMo was primo today. Mud only in a one or two spots, otherwise perfect dirt. A couple new downed trees though, including one big one on the last section of Yellow coming towards the lake
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    NJ Mountain Bike Festival AKA JORBA Jam

    Any interest out there in a bus from NYC? It probably wouldn't have capacity to bring bikes along. I have someone bringing an extra for me + looks there'll be plenty of demos. Maybe there are others with similar plans?
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    Eagle Rock New Signage

    Same here, but to my knowledge MTB has been long forbidden at Eagle Rock. Is this a sign that things have changed? (pun intended)
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    Eagle Rock New Signage

    I was in Eagle Rock today and noticed this new sign. The bike rule makes it sound like the dirt trails are open to mtb. Anyone heard any news on this?