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  • I've been riding Ringwood. While it is technical and above my ability I don't mind it. I'll check out the other places suggested. I have been to Allamuchy, but I think the stephens park of Allamuchy. I wanted to go to KSVP (Kittatanny right?) this weekend but it didn't pan out as it's mothers day. If you are down and looking to ride feel free to drop me a line, I'm always up for a pedal.
    I'm currently up at school (Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY) so I am not around in the area, unfortunately.

    I have found some beginner spots though. It sucks that there is not much really close to us (what we have close to us - Ramapo and Ringwood are difficult) but if you drive about 30-40 mins out there is so much to choose from. The main beginner places I go to are Lewis Morris (LewMo) Allamuchy Deer Park, and KSVP. They are all great for beginners.

    Have you checked any of them out?
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