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    Jamis Dragon One 29er Frame - Small

    A hanger can be put on the frame, it mount over the axel of the wheel and fits in slotted dropout
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    EMS Outdoor Demo Day at Sourlands

    Jamis Demo Bikes I am not sure how long Max will be there with the Trailer but here is the list of bikes he will be bringing with him D29 Team 17" D29 Team 19" D29 Race 15" D29 Race 17" D29 Race 19" XCR 29 Race 21" XCR 29 Race 19' x2 Dragon 650 15" Dragon 650 17" Dragon 650 19"...
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    Rebuild of Campagnolo Record shifters (road)

    It's harder to find the shift disc than it is to rebuild the shifter
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    Best band ever?

    Creed or GnR but both axel and scott need to just sing though.
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    What are you doing now?

    reading this thread
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    My new Frame

    it rode good we were out 630till 830
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    My new Frame

    Finalliy finished it and took it for its firts ride last night. It looks like it did in the last pic only with a chain and all the cables run. its fast and it handles realily well. the final weight 20.9lbs
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    My new Frame

    update Here is the up date as of 2/9
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    Sram or Shimano Brakes?

    I have the neg Gs and they stop me at 190 they work a lot better than the O G's
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    3.0 Earthquake in Morris County

    I felt it in Denville and it was pretty strong my dog didn't even get up when it happened though he just layed there he didn't even pick up his head
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    Post Your Pets

    not home to post the pic but here is a link to Murphy's profile
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    You only have $10

    im with you if its my last $10 im going with quanity over quality and anything would tast good while shooting zombies
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    Light & Motion Service

    do you know what part you need i have a box full of l&m small parts
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    iBike Power Meter

    i had one the 1st gen not bad for training but the calibration doesn't translate well to other units it was always consistent with in its self i would get similar read outs on the same rides but something tells me that my avg watts on 40 mile ride is not 480 if you are training on it...
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    Name That Movie

    no, patron