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    Good Samaritan - Thank You

    Just want to give a thanks to a group that helped me with my chain this morning. It broke while I was riding Tiger Woods. It was the first time it happened to me and I was walking my bike back to the parking lot. Three guys saw me and one of them had the tools and parts to get me riding again...
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    Planet Bike - Matawan / Old Bridge

    I may be buying a new Trek at the above shop but would like some feedback before I spend the money. Is their service good, work quality, etc.... Any insight would be great. Thank you.
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    5 Boro Bike Tour - Who's going?

    Is it better to use a road bike or mountain bike? The obvious answer would be road bike but with the NYC potholes, it may be safer for the bike to use the mountain bike.
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    TD Bank 5 Boro Bike Tour

    I have a friend who was going to run a local marathon on the same day as the bike tour but hurt his foot and can't run. However, he can ride a bike and wants to now do the tour. What is someone rides the bike tour without signing up? Is there anyone out there who signed up and can't make it...
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    Stumpjumper Elite vs. Comp or GF Roscoe 1

    I just bought a Trek Fuel ex 8 for a little more money but it is awesome. The ex 7 is also excellent and right in your price range. Worth a try.
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    So, are the conditions for Allaire good for the weekend?
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    What to expect

    Our small group of riders normally go to Allaire or Six Mile but want to venture to some new places. We went to Chimney Rock a few weeks ago and want to try Sourlands. Can anybody give me some insight as to the current conditions and what to expect in comparison to those other trails? Thanks.
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    Bellwether Booties

    I just bought a set of x-large Bellwether booties that are supposed to keep your feet warm and dry. They seem like a great idea except I can't get them over my riding shoes. I first bought a large but returned them because they wouldn't fit over my shoes. I'm a size 10, which is really not that...
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    Updated Conditions

    Although it rained and snowed alot on Tuesday / Wednesday, it's been very sunny, dry and windy since then. I've never been to Chimney Rock but my friends want to try it out tomorrow morning. What kind of conditions should we expect and will it be fun? Lastly, what is a good suggested...
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    Fingers & Toes

    I usually ride wearing shorts in the winter and the only parts of me that get cold are my fingertips and toes. Even yesterday they were freezing and it wasn't that cold. Does anyone 'swear by' any specific gloves or feet coverings that will keep my digits warm even in the coldest weather.
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    Huber Woods

    I'm hoping to get to Huber on Sunday. I would go to Hartshorne but my friends find it to be too hard and I had heard that Huber is an easier trail. How long is Huber in total? Any opinion about it compared to Hartshorne will be great. When I go to Hartshorne I come down 36 and just turn right...
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    Car Hitch Help

    I'm picking up a new Acura SUV and the dealer wants to charge me over $600 for a trailer hitch since it didn't have one from the factory (I only need it for a new bike rack, which I will ask for recommendations later). I don't need any harness or any other trailering 'stuff' just the square hole...
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    Current Conditions

    I'm hoping to go to Six Mile tomorrow morning but have read about how bad it is after rain. Although it didn't rain yesterday and isn't supposed to today, will it still be really messy from this past weeks rain? Any insight would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks.
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    Foxwoods Casino

    I'm heading up to a wedding at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut for this coming weekend and am hoping to ride this Saturday. Anybody know any trails up that way?
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    Nice Trail

    Rode 6 Mile on Saturday for the first time. Excellent trail system but tough with all the wet roots. Anybody know the distance from route 27 to canal st. and back? Mostly was on the twisty trails and not the fields.
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