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    Dirt Rag is sadly no more

    Great publication and great swag. They will be missed. ??‍♂️
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    unPAved Pennsylvania- anyone else doing it?

    40 seems to be the way to go. Was on the Riding Gravel forum also
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    unPAved Pennsylvania- anyone else doing it?

    In for 90. What kind of tires is everyone planning on running?
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    Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

    There is a big gravel parking lot at Cochrane Stadium. Gate is usually open. Worth a look.
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    For my fellow "rim brakers"

    1997 Cannondale M-700 Made in USA All original except tires and pedals
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    Fatbikes of NJ Gallery

    Hudson River Walkway
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    Fatbikes of NJ Gallery

    Had Liberty State Park all to myself Sunday AM
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    Join JORBA, right now!

    Just renewed as well. Bumped up to a higher donation level to show my support
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    Let's chat about helmets..

    Just picked up one as well. Thanks for the heads up guys
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    Anyone have a current 15% off jenson coupon?

    Getting an order delivered this week. Coupon should be in the box. It's all yours if you want it.
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    Titus FTM Moto 26er Large Frame

    How tall is your neighbor? Trying to judge if this is the right size for me. I am 5'11
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