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    mounting a ust tire

    Thanks Second tire a little easier. Thanks for your help.
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    mounting a ust tire

    rim? Mavic x3.1 ust. Igot one tire on used gloves for more grip. Feelin a bit wimpy right now.
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    mounting a ust tire

    Still trying I just don't remember having this much trouble with other tires. I'm still trying.
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    mounting a ust tire

    I just bought a new pair of Michelin ust tires and I'm having a hell of a time mounting them. Anybody have any helpful hints?
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    Bonk at KVSP

    Me too! I had a similar thing happen to me over the summer while riding Hawthorne Woods. I experienced stomach pain as well. Never happened before and hasn't happened since. I wrote it off to the heat, bad diet and lack of consistent riding.
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    Helmet lights seam to work better for me. Because the light shines were i"m Looking, Not were the bike is pointing. I've used both.
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    Gilligan Island

    I kinda thought so. I recognized your bike. But how do you ask to see the scraps on someones back?
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    Gilligan Island

    Found it! My son and I found it!
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    Rush or Prophet

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    Gilligan Island

    right or left Thanks Toward Morristown right?
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    Gilligan Island

    Does anyone know were Gilligan's Island is? It is somewhere off Patriots' path East of Lewis Morris Park.:confused:
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    Lewis Morris?

    Is there a preferred direction to ride the yellow trail? I rode the park for the first time Sunday with my 10 yr old son. It seemed we were traveling against traffic. I rode again tonight ,Thursday, I rode the trail counter clockwise from the Surprise Lake Parking area and again I seemed to be...
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    patriots path question

    Patriots path I believe that Patriots path keeps going and going and going. The rail trail through the black River WMA is part of Patriots path. I think the newest map is on line.
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    Hello all...

    Berkshire Valley Wildlife Management Area The trails you are asking about I believe are part of the Berkshire Valley Wildlife Management Area. I live in Succasunna and have past that area numerous times but I have not explore them myself. I ride the Black river Wildlife Management area often. I...
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    South Mountain

    More I have talked to some high placed people in the Millburn Government and they are trying to get some better answers for me. An industry rep from Millburn is also doing some research I'll let you all know what I hear.