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Service with a smile


Name: “Utah” Joe Petrarca
mtbnj.com screen name: UtahJoe (profile)
Hometown: Rockaway
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Class: Cat 1 MTB
On the Team Since: 2010
Years Riding: 4
Current Bike:
2012 Scalpel 29er
2011 Specialized Crux
2008 Specialized Tarmac Pro
2012 MC056 R2D2 C3PO XR4TI Carbon 29er HT
1991 Kestral SCI 200
2005 Honda CRF450 R
Tire Choice: Maxxis Ignitors, Geax Saguros, Hutchinson Pythons…Im still looking for one that’s 500 grams, rolls like a magic carpet ride, has GI Joe kung fu grip, and can defeat a stinger missile attack. Anyone have any suggestions?
Favorite Park in NJ: Allamuchy/SSP/Deer Park, Mahlon, Jungle


Most Epic Ride: Mahlon Surprise (Mahlon Suprise)
(High Point Century) Number of other Allamuchy triples.
29ers are: Cool, refreshing Jonestown Kool Aid…drink up and enjoy!
Backpack or Bottles?: Bottles if I can locate a relay operator, camelback for everything else
When I'm not riding a bike: I'm: Playing with the dog, driving my old Mustang, Eating Jose Tejas with Luke, Steve, Mom, Dad, Eileen and
other distinguished guests. Also fixing my fleet of shit box cars/bikes and other toys.
50 closing words that may or may not mean anything: “Never fry bacon when you’re naked”
Other Interests: Drag Racing, Rally Racing, Old Cars, Motocross, Skiing, History, Museums, Airplanes…..Bring the NOISE!


Keep a training log? My data acquisition would rival that aboard the space shuttle.
Electronics? Garmin Edge 705, Power Tap as soon as I can locate my ski mas
Nutrition on the bike: Cliff mojo bars and honey…gels if im racing but im too cheap to use them daily
Training Blog“He’s not fat, but he is shapes” ([1]
Nutrition after the ride: “Pork Chop Sandwiches!” Endurox depending on the ride.
Any special pre-race breakfast? Steel cut oatmeal with peanut butter, salt, and brown sugar….eaten using a spackling knife
Road bikes are for: Where its at for training

Team History


Joined in November





14th Cat 3 30-39 Lewis Morris
5th Cat3 30-30 KSVP
4th Cat 2 30-34 Ringwood
4th Cat 2 30-34 Jungle Habitat
7th Cat 2 30-34 Blue Mountain


26th SSAP Cat 2
2nd Cat 2 30-34 Waywayanda
16th Cat 2 30-34 Tymor
4th Cat 2 30-34 Dark Horse Gallop
1st Cat 2 30-34 Lewis Morris Challenge
1st Cat 2 30-34 KSVP + State championship
12th Cat 2 Dark Horse 40
6th Cat 2 30-34 Blue Mountain
1st Cat 2 30-34 Jungle Habitat
1st Cat 2 30-34 Ringwood
Cat 2 30-34 H2H Series Champion


28th SSAP Pro/Open
15th Cat 1 30-39 Waywayanda
18th Cat 1 30-39 Tymor
14th Cat 1 30-39 Lewis Morris Challenge
15th Cat 1 30-39 KSVP
23rd Pro/Open Dark Horse 40
12th Cat 1 30-39 Taconic 909
53rd Westwood CX (Cat 4)
27th Jamesburg CX (Cat 4)
17th Hidden Valley CX (Cat 4)
28th Greystone CX
5th Sussex cx #1
3rd Sussex cx #2
DNF Horseshoe scramble #1
3rd Horseshoe scramble #2


(4) Branch Brook Crit series race: Pack finish
26th SSAP Pro/Open
3rd Cat 1 30-39 Waywayanda
13th Bearscat 50
DNF Cat 1 30-39 KSVP
18th Dark Horse 40 open/pro
11th 909 Challenge open/pro
4th Rumble in the Jungle Cat1 30-39
7th Leaf Blower (waywayanda) Cat1 30-39
DNF Morristown CX B
15th Hidden Valley CX B
12th Westwood CX B
8th Horshoe scamble CX B


MTBNJ Short track series
Race 1-4 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th in open class
4th Singlespeed-apaloosa open/pro
2nd Waywayanda spring cleaning 30-39 Cat 1