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Woo woo!


Name: Robin Dunn screen name: skiphreaknj (profile)
Hometown: Flemington, NJ
Occupation: High School Science Teacher
Class: Cat 1 MTB; Cat 2 CX;
On the Team Since: 2010
Years Riding: 4
Current Bikes: Giant Lust 1; Misfit 29er Rigid SS; Cannondale CaadX, Cannondale Evo, Specialized Dolce Elite
Tire Choice: Maxxis Ignitor
Favorite Parks in NJ: SSP/DP/Mooch


Most Epic Ride: my honeymoon - riding the awesome ST of the Canadian Rockies
29ers are: All I own.
Backpack or Bottles?: Backpack for mtb...bottles for road.
When I'm not riding a bike, I'm: not riding a bike.
50 closing words that may or may not mean anything: All great achievements come with time.
Other Interests: skiing, snowboarding, hiking


Keep a training log? Yep...TrainingPeaks
Electronics? Garmin 800
Nutrition on the bike: Gu drinks and gels
Nutrition after the ride: Cliff bar or fruit
Any special pre-race breakfast? Whole grain toast or English muffin with peanut butter and Nutella.
Road bikes are for: Training and taking in the scenery.



Mountain Bike

Singlespeed-a-palooza, 2nd out of 14, Sport

Bike Line Spring XC @ Fair Hill, 3rd out of 21, Cat 2 U40

Iron Hill Challenge, 3rd out of 12, Cat 2 U40

On the Rocks at French Creek, 2nd out of 10, Cat 2 U40

Rumble in the Jungle, 1st out of 7, Cat 2 19-39

Bear Creek Challenge, 2nd out of 4, Cat 2 30-39

Ramsey's Revenge, 1st out of 6, Cat 2 U40

Bulldog Rump, 1st out of 9, Cat 2 19-39

Summer Sizzler, 2nd out of 7, Cat 2 U40

USAC XC National Championships, 1st out of 4, Cat 2 30-39


Nittany Lion Cross Day 1, 34th out of 49, Women Elite UCI

Nittany Lion Cross Day 2, 37th out of 53, Women Elite UCI

Granogue CX, 5th out of 15, Elite Women Cat 1/2/3

Rapha Super Cross Gloucester Day 1, 52nd out of 58, Women Pro/Open

Rapha Super Cross Gloucester Day 2, 46th out of 55, Women Pro/Open

Whirlybird CX, 10th out of 15, Women Elite

Cooper River CX, 8th out of 14, Women Cat 1/2/3

HPCX Day 1, 25th out of 27, Women Pro

HPCX Day 2, 20th out of 27, Women Pro

Marty's Cross Weekend Day 1, 3rd out of 10, Women Cat 1/2/3

Marty's Cross Weekend Day 2, 3rd out of 7, Women Cat 1/2/3

CXMeur, 1st out of 6, Women Cat 1/2/3

First State Velo Sport Xross @ Fair Hill MAC, 14th out of 21, Women Elite

SCCX 2014: NJ State CX Championships, 4th out of 9, Women Cat 1/2/3

Previous Years

Click here for previous race results - [1]


Continue improving and getting stronger...and to keep smiling!


Ride bikes. Have fun. Stay awesome.