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Kudos, I Give


Name: Joe "Norm" Zurawski screen name: Norm (profile)
Hometown: Warren, NJ
Occupation: I stare at a computer all or most of the day
Class(es): Cat 1 (mtb), cat 2 (cx), cat 4(road)
On the Team Since: 2007
Years Riding: semi-serious since 1997 or so, like training and shit since 2008
Current Mountain Bike(s): Ted (geared squishy), SingleFly (SS), SuperFly (geared hardtail)
Current Cross Bike(s): A pair of Full Tilt Boogies from Edwin & the boys at Van Dessel. And an aluminum Fuji frame.
Current Road Bike(s): CannonDale SuperSix. My Trek 2200 is being held prisoner in Taiwan.
Tire Choice: Maxxis Ignitor, Vittoria Rubino, and I have a love/hate relationship with every cross tire I have ever tried.
Favorite Park in NJ: Ringwood, Allamuchy, Wawayanda


The 2010 LMC

About Me

So this is where I'll tell you about the personal stuff I can think of. So I went to Rutgers University where I got degrees in both EE & Physics. Mostly through, I drank beer and tried to enjoy life as much as possible. This led me to a path where I got out of school, got a girlfriend, and gained like 80 pounds. I topped out at 289 and more than likely I was on the doorstep of 300 at one point. I bought a bike, the aforementioned Trek 2200 that's still somewhere in Taiwan, and got to work. A few years ago I bottomed out at 170 or 171, but since have come up from that number a bit. Anyway, I digress.

Somewhere in there I got some jobs, bought some houses, and had a kid and 2 step-kids. Currently I live with my girl Dominique in Warren, NJ. I'll let her tell her own story on her page. I work in NYC now, sometimes from home, sometimes at this cubicle downtown. The house we live in is nothing short of awesome and we're having a great time trying to make the most of life.

As for what we do other than riding bikes and running a team, well we like to do puzzles, put together Legos (for real, though technically they are the kid's usually), do crossword puzzles, go geocaching, and really just spend as much free time together enjoying life. As for the usual suspects, we do both like to eat good food, and I like to dabble in cooking stuff from time to time though admittedly time seems to get away from us more often than not. I enjoy a good beer or glass of wine, and I love loose leaf tea and I roast my own coffee. I think that covers all the food & drink options. We do watch some TV, with some of our TV shows being things like Castle, White Collar, Graceland, Haven, and Covert Affairs. We are also running through the old episodes of Alias. We both like to read, and my tastes are all over the place. Some of my favorite stuff has been from authors like Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, and Salman Rushdie. I also like a good history, and I'm a fantasy/sciFi nerd as well.

I think that covers it, really. Oh I like to take pics and make videos but I don't do that routinely enough to call either a hobby. I also like to write.

My Role on the Team

I do my best to play the role of Mayor McCheese in this here Inter-Cyber-Burg. That includes making sure we all play nice, sending mass emails that people may or may not read, sometimes trying to direct the conversation on the board, coordinating team events & conversations, and all the stuff that goes along with promoting the team races & events. Our races include the spring short track series (4 races), the Stewart Super Six Pack (6 hours), the cross clinic & race, as well as the now defunct Mooch Madness. This suite of races may change at any time, so if you read this and it doesn't reflect reality, well that's just how it goes.

As the promoter of these 7 or more events, I'm in charge of all the paperwork, making the calls, coordinating the manpower, DE-feathering the chickens, feeding the troops, getting the permits, the medics, the food, drink, prizes, and so on. Of course I rely heavily on the team to pick up many of the pieces of the race puzzle, but I serve as the Project Manager of the whole shebang. But unlike the PMO at your company, I end up doing 75% of the grunt work as opposed to trying to delegate 100% of it.

I also need to keep an eye on anything & everything that goes on around here. Well, as best I can.

I also race bikes but that's not really very important in the list of things I do for the team anymore. I used to take it more seriously but try to balance fun & competition with reality.

Memorable Rides

  1. Winning my first race (SSaP)
  2. The 2009 24 HoA
  3. The magic day
  4. Mahlon Suprise



Upload your rides? Yes, I'm a Strava guy now. Training Peaks from time to time
Have a coach? No, unless I count myself
Electronics or Power devices? A few power meters, a Garmin 800, and an HRM with the Garmin
Nutrition on the bike: GU chomps & gels, Clif blocks, Clif dipped bars, Stinger waffles & chews & bars
Nutrition after the ride: Pretty much just some solid food. I've moved on from recovery drinks unless it's a brutal workout in which case I drink Endurox.
Any special pre-race breakfast? Not really. Coffee, avocado on toast, eggs. Cereal, a bagel, whatever.
Frame Size: Road & cross 56", MTB L
Shop(s): Halter's & High Gear

Training Threads

Just a hair muddy
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Wielding Jehovah's Cyclocross Battleaxe - 7/28/2014
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Running With the Foghorn Leghorn - 5/4/2015
Race & Ride Warmup

Training Notes

Note that I put this here for future and/or past reference. Maybe someday I'll fill in the blank pages and re-read whatever it was I wrote in the other 2.
Norm's Standard Warmup
Norm's Pre Race Day Ride
Norm's Race Day Food
Norm's Energy Bar Ratings

Training Articles/Forums/Posts

The Next Level - Hunter Allen
Aerobic Decoupling - Joe Friel
Wattage Forum - on Google groups
Coggan post - on reaching your potential
Coggan post - his 90/90/90 winter minimum maintenance plan
MTB power - The Difference between Road and Mountain Bike Power Output and What Your Training Should Do About it
Goin long - Get Fit for Going Long
Race starts - Training: Practice Those Race-Day, Redlining Starts
IF - Using Intensity Factor to Train in the Right Zone
PDF - Guide to training by Power (65 pages)
Technical Services - Several docs to cure your insomnia
100 miler - LWF tips about a 100 miler
Lydiard - A general training model for the road cyclist

Monster Rides

This is my own section which I hope to fill in someday. I should put my big rides in here eventually.
142 miles - Taiwan monster loop

Team History


Technically I was the first rider invited to join the team. This was before the 2007 Lewis Morris Challenge and Jake and Steve were in negotiations with Jason to buy the site. Another site about riding bikes in New Jersey had popped up, so the team was "rushed to production" in a sense. Jake talked to me before the race, and was clearly nervous about the prospect of a decent subset of the board posters going over to the other site. At the time this site was pressing several bike shops to get a free bike to help promote his site. I was also the first rider to accept an invitation to ride. This conversation took place in the 10 minutes before the race began.
Incidentally Jake pulled the DNF and I came in 33rd or 34th. Those are essentially the first results of Team MTBNJ.
Shortly after that Jake sent an invite to a handful of people, myself, Maurice, Fred, and ChrisG among them. Liek myself, Fred accepted right away. After a little coercing I was able to convince both Maurice and ChrisG to give it a shot. We are the only 4 original members from that invite left. Others invited include Glancing Aft & Neen (both accepted) and Pixychick, NJJess, and Ryan (all declined). Jake was not aware of the taboo of not inviting riders on other teams at the time.
Jake handed control of the team over to me before 2007 was over, and then I started building up the team as best I could over the winter.






A year of change


A year of transition


Oh hi
Race # Date Race Discipline Class Bib # Result Recap
1 8/27-28/2005 24 Hours of Allamuchy MTB 4 PERSON VET. 117-156 4183 11th results
Race # Date Race Discipline Class Bib # Result Recap
2 8/26-27/2005 24 Hours of Allamuchy MTB SOLO MEN 30-39 1071 34th results and recap
3 10/15/2006 All-A-Muchy MTB Open Men 101 54th results and recap
Race # Date Race Discipline Class Bib # Result Recap
4 4/20/2007 Escape from Granogue MTB Open Men E109 10th? recap
5 7/15/2007 Lewis Morris Challenge MTB cat 2, 30-39 270 31st results and recap
6 7/28//2007 50 Rattling Miles MTB Open Men 5569 DNF results and recap and recap comments
7 8/25-26/2007 24 Hours of Allamuchy MTB SOLO MEN 30-39 1082 32nd results and recap
8 9/9/2007 Chain Stretcher MTB cat 2, 30-39 230 30th recap
9 9/23/2007 Rumble in the Jungle MTB cat 2, 30-39 281 7th recap
10 9/30/2007 Tymor Park Challenge MTB cat 2, 30-39 236 16th recap
11 10/14/2007 Ringwood Fall Classic MTB cat 2, 30-39 306 6th recap
Race # Date Race Discipline Class Bib # Result Recap
12 5/4/2008 Wawayanda Spring Cleaning MTB Cat 2, 35-39 826 6th results and recap
13 6/1/2008 Lewis Morris Challenge MTB Cat 2, 35-39 827 6th Results? and recap
14 6/15/2008 Darkhorse Gallop MTB Cat 2, 35-39 833 15th results and recap
15 6/29/2008 Bulldog Rump MTB Cat 2, 35-39 826 7th results and recap
16 9/21/2008 Rumble in the Jungle MTB Cat 2, 35-39 824 6th results and recap
Race # Date Race Discipline Class Bib # Result Recap
17 4/19/2009 Bikeline Race @ Fair Hill MTB Cat 2, 35-39 556 5th recap
18 5/3/2009 Wawayanda Spring Cleaning MTB Cat 2, 35-39 821 2nd results and recap
19 5/17/2009 Tymor Park Challenge MTB Cat 2, 35-39 820 4th results and recap
20 5/31/2009 SingleSpeed-A-Palooza MTB Sport 192 1st results and recap
21 6/21/2009 Darkhorse Gallop MTB Cat 2, 35-39 815 2nd results and recap
22 7/5/2009 Lewis Morris Challenge MTB Cat 2, 35-39 284 1st results and recap
23 7/12/2009 Bulldog Rump MTB Cat 2, 35-39 822 2nd results and recap
24 8/16/2009 Darkhorse 40 MTB Expert, 30-39 74 9th results and recap
25 8/22-23/2009 24 Hours of Allamuchy MTB 4 Person Elite 4025 1st results and recap
26 11/7/2009 Horseshoe Scramble Cyclocross Cat 4, C 80 20th results and recap
Race # Date Race Discipline Class Bib # Result Recap
27 4/25/2010 SingleSpeed-A-Palooza MTB Open Elite 60 13th Recap Link
28 5/2/2010 Wawayanda Spring Cleaning MTB Cat 1, 30-39 81 10th Recap Link
29 5/23/2010 Tymor Park Challenge MTB Cat 1, 30-39 77 11th Recap Link
30 6/27/2010 Lewis Morris Challenge MTB Cat 1, 30-39 82 6th Recap Link
31 7/11/2010 Bulldog Rump MTB Cat 1, 30-39 81 DNF Recap Link
32 7/18/2010 Fair Hill Classic MTB Open Elite 2204 30th Recap Link
33 7/25/2010 Freedom Tour Road Cat 4/5 188 31st Recap Link
34 8/1/2010 Darkhorse 40 MTB Open Elite 49 18th Recap Link
35 8/5/2010 Rockleigh Criterium Series Road Cat 4/5 249 5th Recap Link
36 8/14/2010 NY Capital Region Road Race Road Cat 5 550 7th Recap Link
37 8/15/2010 NJ State Masters Criterium Championship Road 35+ 324 21st Recap Link
38 8/19/2010 Rockleigh Criterium Series Road Cat 4/5 249 15th Recap Link
39 8/21/2010 Tour de Medford Road Cat 4/5 80 10th Recap Link
40 8/21/2010 Tour de Medford Road 35+ 73 28th Recap Link
41 9/4/2010 Phillipsburg Criterium Road Cat 5 448 3rd Recap Link
42 9/6/2010 Olde Mille Inn Tour of Basking Ridge Road Cat 5 725 1st Recap Link
43 9/11/2010 Nittany Cross Cyclocross Cat 4, C 625 DNF Recap Link
44 9/12/2010 Blueberry Bicicletta Road Race Road Cat 4/5 35 27th Recap Link
45 9/19/2010 Rumble in the Jungle MTB Cat 1, 30-39 70 11th Recap Link
46 9/26/2010 Whirlybird Cross Cyclocross Cat 4, C 662 1st Recap Link
47 10/3/2010 Hillbilly Hustle Cyclocross Cat 3, B 536 13th Recap Link
48 10/9/2010 Westwood Velo Cyclocross Cat 3, B 304 10th Recap Link
49 10/10/2010 Westwood Velo Cyclocross Cat 3, B 334 4th Recap Link
50 10/31/2010 HPCX Cyclocross B Masters 519 11th Recap Link
51 11/7/2010 Hidden Valley Cyclocross Cat 3, B 324 3rd Recap Link
52 11/13/2010 Greystone Cyclocross Cat 3, B 64 3rd Recap Link
53 11/21/2010 Sussex Cyclocross Cat 3, B 455 3rd Results and Recap
54 11/27/2010 Sussex Cyclocross Cat 3, B 368 4th Results and Recap
55 12/4/2010 Horseshoe Scramble Cyclocross Cat 3, B 271 4th Results and Recap
56 12/5/2010 Horseshoe Scramble Cyclocross Cat 3, B 265 5th Results and Recap

Planned for 2010


No real goals per se. Continue my improvement on the bike, continue weight loss, and peak attempts for the LMC/KVSP races (home court, former state championship) and end of season Horseshoe Scramble double cross weekend.

Remaining Races