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Name: Jeremy Short screen name: jShort (profile)
Hometown: Glen Gardner, NJ
Occupation: "Engineer" and I use the term loosely. I'm really more of a people person.
Class: Cat 1
On the Team Since: 2010
Years Riding: 5
Current Bikes: Carbon Scalpel, GF Rig, Super6, Some cross bike I don't remember the name of but its really cool and light
Tire Choice: Schawble Racing Ralphs
Favorite Park in NJ: Mooch North, 6 Mile


Most Epic Ride: My most epic ride was a trip to Vegas where me and a few friends hit up Bootleg Canyon. There was no crazy mileage, but the terrain was epic. I need to get back.
29ers are: What I ride. I wouldn’t say Ill never ride another 26 inch bike, but there are no plans for that in the immediate future.
Backpack or Bottles?: Camelbak for racing. I've decided actually being hydrated is way better than looking cool.
When I'm not riding a bike, I'm: changing diapers
50 closing words that may or may not mean anything: Be nice, say thank you, and please once in a while. It goes a long way.
Other Interests: Who has time for other interests?


Keep a training log? Sure. Strava?
Electronics? Garmin 800, iPod, Android Phone. All are used in one way or another.
Nutrition on the bike: I've been using Gu Brew exclusively lately. The electrolyte for the ride and recovery mix for the post ride.
Nutrition after the ride: See above for the recovery shake. After that, its whatever my lovely wife made for dinner.
Any special pre-race breakfast? Blueberry pancakes and bottles of syrup, bagels, avocados,
Road bikes are for: people who want to get hit by cars

Team History


Joined team just after midpoint of the year.







Planned for 2011


I could shoot for the stars and say I want to upgrade to Cat 1 and be a force. But I'll be realistic and say I just want to stay healthy, improve my training, gain some structure, read a few training books, and have fun.


Single speed-a-palooza - First in NJ Sport

H2H #1 - Wawayanda Spring Cleaning - First in Cat 2 30-34

H2H #3 - Lewis Morris Challenge - First in Cat 2 30-34

MASS Series - Fair Hills classic 18 of 23 in Cat 1 / Expert Class

H2H #4 - Bulldog Rump, Kittatinny Valley SP 4th in Cat 2 30-34