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Name: Luke Kelly screen name: gtluke
Hometown: Towaco, NJ
On the Team Since: 2011? Who knows...
Years Riding: Since 2007ish
Current Bikes: Canfield Nimble Nine SS Lefty (2x9 now), Giant Trance 26, Plastic Chinese HT 29er, Surly Pugsley, Simple Street Trials/Street


Most Epic Ride: Doctor's Park CO or the Essex Super Epic
29ers are: Only good for hardtails so far
When I'm not riding a bike, I'm: Taking your picture or fixing my car.
50 closing words that may or may not mean anything: Robot lords of Tokyo, smile taste kittens, did you not know that the Royal Hunting Grounds are always forbidden?
Other Interests: Mexican food and fast cars


Keep a training log? Not really but there are often threads in the training forum authored by me
Electronics? Garmin but really it's just for mapping
Nutrition on the bike: Robin's PB&J's
Nutrition after the ride: Mexican food
Any special pre-race breakfast? Egg on a flat bread sandwhich with Cholula
Road bikes are for: Suckers! Okay I own one now for after work rides.

Racing Highlights


1st - Cranks Around the Campfire Huffy Toss Contest
2nd - Cranks Around the Campfire Foot Down Contest

Signed up for Endurorama but woke up puking

1st - Bottle Ride, Single Speed




1st - 24 Hours of Allamuchy 4-Person Mixed Team