Free Garmin Topo Maps for Your Garmin Edge

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Loading Free Topo Maps to Your Garmin

1. Download Garmin Mapsource. Save the file, then run it to install.

2. Consider upgrading your 705 firmware. Careful it can blast all history and settings. For that you need Webupdater

3. Go to GPS File Depot

4. Select map of your liking, follow prompts to download the map file to your PC. Run that file. I chose the New Jersey Topo Map

This is an additional map. You can download this .img file (gmapsupp.img) and just place it in the folder titled "Garmin" on your 705 or 800. You will not need mapsource to install it. It is the file named new jersey.img.zipMap

5. Open MapSource you installed in Step 1.

6. Select the map you downloaded from drop-down box at left top. When selected, it will show up as a map in the window on the right

7. Zoom the areas you want to put on the Garmin. Then select them with your mouse. You need to first select the "Map Tool" at the top. I just selected the whole state and sent that to the GPS. They turn pink, and related files show up on left side window pane.

8. Hit little icon that says Transfer to Device, or menu - Transfer - Send to Device. Make sure your 705 is connected by USB cable before that.


Upgrade: 2.8 upgrade wipes your history, because they botched up the history writing thing in 2.7. all other upgrades were seamless, and I expect 2.9 to not wipe anything.

PA & NY: There is no equivalent for PA from the same source/guy - there is for NY. You can pull down a generic US map which covers the rest of the US, which I am considering but haven't thought much more about it.