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Name: Dana Napurano
mtbnj.com screen name: dnap (profile)
Hometown: On the move... currently in Waretown, NJ
Occupation: Architect
Class: Cat 2
On the Team Since: 2010
Years Riding: I'm a late bloomer.... 5+
Current Bikes: Cannondale Caffeine F29er, Haro Mary 29er SS, Cannondale Six Feminine 4
Tire Choice: Maxxis Ignitor's on the geared bike, Geax Saguaro's on the SS
Favorite Park in NJ: I love them all... how can I pick just one?? My favorite parks have fast and flowy singletrack.


Most Epic Ride: I need to get out more... I can't pinpoint one ride, but 6 days of riding in British Columbia was pretty epic!!
29ers are: as delicious as kool aid
Backpack or Bottles?: Both.... carrying all that extra water weight makes me stronger! (Plain water in the backpack and GU Brew in the bottles)
When I'm not riding a bike, I'm: Thinking about riding a bike, eating or sleeping.
50 closing words that may or may not mean anything: The way I figure it, I'm on life number 3 (maybe 4) of at least 9 lives... I'm planning on riding this one out on two wheels and I'm enjoying every minute of it!
Other Interests: I've got too many to list, but bikes seem to take priority...
Organizations: JORBA


Keep a training log? Yes... I use Training Peaks
Electronics? Garmin 500 with HRM
Nutrition on the bike: GU Roctane, GU Chomps, Cliffs Bar, GU Brew
Nutrition after the ride: Bananas, GU Recovery Brew, PB&J
Any special pre-race breakfast? Oatmeal with fruit
Road bikes are for: training, group rides and new scenery

Team History


I joined the team this year and sat on injured reserve most of the season. Despite the setback, the team colors appeared at various group rides all season and at TM sessions because I like to represent!!


I'm racing as much as I can this year. When I'm not racing the orange and blue colors can be seen all over NJ because I like to spread my love of the trails all over the state. I sport the colors just about every time I ride and of course at TM sessions!!


This is my first year focusing on endurance races... This year is about enduring and survival.





H2H Series: Cat 3; 3rd Place overall

NJ State Championship: Cat 3; 2nd Place

Darkhorse 40: CoEd Team; 4th Place


H2H- Bulldog Rump: Cat 2 19-39; 8th

H2H- Rumble in the Jungle: Cat 2 19-39; DNF (6th)


MASS- Bike Line Spring XC at Fair Hill: Sport U40; 16th of 21

H2H- Waywayanda Spring Cleaning: Cat 2 19-39; DNF (8th of 8)

H2H- Tymor Park Challenge: Cat 2 19-39; 5th of 9

MASS- Trail Spinners Fair Hill Classic: Elite; 8th of 8

H2H- Bulldog Rump: Cat 2 19-39; 11th of 14

Darkhorse 40: Sport Women; 11th of 19

Mooch Madness: Open Women; 5th of 12

MASS- Coal Cracker Classic: Endurance, Open Women; DNF (1 lap of 2)

Bagels & Bacon Short Track Series #1: Open Women; 2nd of 4

H2H- The Leaf Blower: Cat 2 19-39; [Oct 2]

Bagels & Bacon Short Track Series #2: Open Women; DNF

Something Wicked- Six Hours of Cathedral Pines: Cat 2 30-39; 3rd place


SSAP – 5th place (of 14) sport women

Iron Hill Endurance – 12th place (of 16) open women

Granogue 12 hour – 6th place (of 9) open women

Stewart Six Pack – 8th place (of 8) open women

Fair Hill 50 – 15th place (of 17) open women

DH40 – DNF sport women

Shenandoah 100 – DNF (75 miles of 100) open women

Cathedral Pines – cancelled... thanks to Sandy :-(

Planned for 2013


2012 marked my 1st 100 mile race. I wasn't successful in completing it. What does that mean for 2013? This year I will tackle TWO 100 mile races and focus on completing both!

This year the focus will be on endurance, getting faster and stronger and working towards not just surviving the races, but being more competitive.



Iron Hill Endurance (MASS)

Mohican 100 (NUE)

Granogue [12 hour] (MASS)

Lewis Morris Challenge (H2H)

Bulldog Rump (H2H)

Fair Hill 50 (MASS)

Shenandoah 100 (NUE)

Six Hours of Cathedral Pines

Select cyclocross races

Club Rides

Twin Lights Ride, Hillier than Thou, Covered Bridges