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Chris up for the challenge at LM


Name: Chris Gozick screen name: ChrisG (profile)
Hometown: West Long Branch
Occupation: high school English teacher/junior college writing instructor
Class: MTB Cat 1/CX Cat 3/Road Cat 3
On the Team Since: 2008
Years Riding: Since some time in the early '70's. My first "serious" road bike was a Schwinn LeTour, given to me in 1980. I bought my first mtb, a Trek 7000, in August 1992. FIrst mtb race was at Mt. Peter, June 1993. First road race was the Coors Light Classic in Point Pleasant, May 1995.
Current Bike: Seven Verve SS 29er/Moots Vamoots/Cannondale CX9/LeMond Fillmore Fixed Gear
Tire Choice: Currently running Maxxis Ignitors, tubeless
Favorite Park in NJ: Hartshorne/Huber & Allaire are my local stomping grounds.


Most Epic Ride:Super-secret trails in the Berkshires at Pedrosfest
29ers are: The only mtb I ride these days.
Backpack or Bottles?: Backpack for a long, long time, but went back to bottles a few years ago.
When I'm not riding a bike, I'm: Hanging with Mrs. G, climbing at the gym, watching football or hockey.
50 closing words that may or may not mean anything:
Other Interests:Books and music are big, always have been, likely always will. I was a pretty dedicated amateur auto mechanic before I got into bikes, and loved doing simple modifications to my cars. I still have a lot of that in me, but all the money goes to bikes these days. Hopefully I'll get back into it again at some point. I could see us buying a Jeep, and then I can pick Jake's brain about all the ways I can throw time and cash at it.


Keep a training log? Every ride I've done since August 1992 has some sort of written record.
Electronics? GPS with HRM. Power meter on the road bike
Nutrition on the bike: GU products
Nutrition after the ride: Coffee and a scone at Cafe Volan in Asbury Park
Any special pre-race breakfast?Some sort of organic cereal with granola and soy milk, grapefruit juice, and black tea. I usually drink a cup of coffee and eat a croissant on the way to the race venue, then hit a gel before I go to the line.
Road bikes are for:Riding a lot, sometimes racing as well.

Team History


Jake and Norm approached me in the Fall of 2007 about possibly riding for the team they were starting for the 2008 season. At that point, I'd been riding for 3D Racing Team since 1996, participating in both road and mtb races every year. I was intrigued by being affiliated with the MTBNJ team, though, because I was already a very active member of the message board and I sensed that the proposed team would present an opportunity to do some cool stuff in the mtb community. One of the most important aspects of my long involvement in the cycling community has always been the great relationships made possible by something as simple as riding and racing a bike, and I saw this new team as a chance to build further in that regard. And of course, that's just what happened.


yo yo yo





6/3 Stewart H2H Expert Open SS 10th * 6/24 Kittatinny H2H Expert Open SS 9th * 7/8 Stewart H2H Expert Open SS 8th * 8/4 Woods Hollow Classic Sport DNF mechanical * 9/23 Jungle H2H Habitat Expert Open SS 5th * 9/23 Hillbilly Hustle NJ CX Cup "B" 15th * 10/4 Augusta NJ CX Cup "B" finished in the field * 12/2 Walstib CX 40+ 2nd *


5/24 Granogue MASS Expert Open SS DNF * 6/1 Lewis Morris H2H Expert Open SS 11th * 8/9 Woods Hollow Classic Sport 2nd 40-49 * 10/18 Granogue MASS CX 35+ "B" finished in the field * 11/9 HPCX MASS 35+ "B" 21st/60 * 11/23 Augusta NJ CX Cup "B" finished in the field *


5/31 Singlespeed-a-palooza Expert SS * 7/5 Lewis Morris H2H Expert Open SS 8th * 7/12 Kittatinny H2H Expert Open SS * 8/8 Woods Hollow Classic Sport 1st 40-49; 4th overall * 9/19 Nittany CX MAC 35+ "B" 16th/68 finishers * 9/26 Whirlybird CX 35+ 2/3/4 37/60 finishers * 11/1 HPCX MAC 35+ "B" * 11/29 Staten CX *

Planned for 2010


  • Baseline of 450 hours of training.
  • Get back to a more periodized training schedule, as 2008 and 2009 saw me "just riding" more often than training with a sense of specific purpose.
  • Race a greater total number of events. Again, the last two seasons have only seen me doing 8-10 races total between mtb and cx.
  • Do at least one "reach" event. Current candidates are Dark Horse 40 and Iron Cross.
  • Increase the focus on cx. Strive to race as much of the NJ CX Cup as possible, along with select MAC events and the USGP at Mercer.
  • Ride more often in parks that are not local to me.
  • Develop my ability in rocky terrain.
  • Maintain/sharpen focus on strength and flexibility training off the bike, particularly the climbing gym.
  • Have fun!


5/2 Granogue MASS Cat 1 Open SS 9th * 6/27 Lewis Morris Challenge H2H Cat 1 Open SS 7th