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Nobody swings and cruises so successfully in tight slacks
Name: Chris Brawley screen name: Pooriggy([2])
Hometown: Cranford
Occupation: Golf Course Superintendent
Class: MTB Cat 1/Road Cat 4
Years Riding: Since 2000 when I entered the Greenwood Lake triathlon.
Current Bike: Trek 2200/Cannondale Flash 29er 1/Gary Fisher Rig SS
Tire Choice: Maxxis Ignitors
Favorite Park in NJ: I get to Allaire, CR, Hartshorne a lot but love the trails up north. Ringwood, Wawayanda, Mooch.


Most Epic Ride:Bearscat 50 at Wawayanda
29ers are: I can't believe this is still a question
Backpack or Bottles?: Backpack for mtbing or when I want to keep my water cold. Bottles on the road rides.
When I'm not riding a bike, I'm: Coaching my younger sons baseball team, watching him play soccer, yelling at my 17yr old son, or digging on some tunes and drinking a beer.
50 closing words that may or may not mean anything: Blumpkin
Other Interests: I enjoy the outdoors and birding. Its cool to ID birds in the field and listen to there calls. Music is also an interest. I spend at least 2hrs a day in the car, listening to satellite radio helps the commute along.


Keep a training log? The only thing I write is on the Garmin log.
Electronics? Garmin 500 w/HRM.
Nutrition on the bike: Gu gels(race day), Cliff Bars, PBJ.
Nutrition after the ride: Whatever is in the house, as long as there is some protein.
Any special pre-race breakfast? Same as every morning, eggs, toast, cereal, coffee. Since I've been in Cat 1 my races don't start until 1:00 so I bring a bagel and some cliff bars to eat before the race.
Road bikes are for: Training and racing on.

Team History

Joined the team in the fall of 2010.





3rd place Tymor Cat 2.

4th place Lewis Morris Cat 2.

4th place Dark Horse 40 Cat 2

5th place Jungle Habitat Cat 2

3rd place Ringwood Cat 2


30th SSaP Open Class

8th place Wawayanda Cat 1

4th place Bearscat 50 45+ Class

8th place Kitattiny Cat 1

5th place Dark Horse 40 SS Cat 1 Class

11th place Jungle Habitat Cat 1

4th place Mooch Madness 45+Class

9th place Wawayanda Cat 1

8th place Mooch ST Open Class

16th place Mooch ST Open Class

3rd place Cathederal Pines SS Cat 1 Class



Race 1-4; 7th,9th,15th,17th. (5th overall in series)

25th place Battenkill Cat 4's

27th Place SSaP Open Class

10th Place Wawayanda Cat 1