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The Rock - ummm, not so white

General Information

Chimney Rock (properly known as Washington Valley Park) is a small network of rugged intermediate trails that earns its name as "The Rock" by some locals. Like its central Jersey couterpart Six Mile Run this park does not drain well so please avoid after heavy rains. A few Technical Trail Features (TTF's) were put in on the Blue and Red trails during the summer of 2009.

Parking Information

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40.594883,-74.561344 Chimney Rock Road Lot The generic middle. Great spot to park if you want to hit every trail. Not much to see on this side. Directions


40.582717,-74.553442 Miller Lane Parking Seriously, I would never park here. Newmans Lane is where it's at. This is where people park to walk down to the Chimney Rock Hawk Watch or the waterfall, not to ride bikes though you can. Directions


40.596117,-74.574028 Newmans Lane Parking Lot The parking lot where you are most likely to run into other mountain bikers. Directions


Details and Info

Miles: 13 unique, up to 20 depending how you loop it. A full tour of all trails with most in both directions will yield you well over 20, closer to 22. A single pass on everything is probably more in the 13 realm.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Trails: Mostly Singletrack
Surface Dirt (Hardpack, Loose Hardpack, Mud)
Obstacles: Trail Obstacles, Rock Garden, Water Crossing, Technical Trail Features
Special Features:
Detailed Overview: Assorted climbing, rocks, logs, and roots. Very few "easy" miles. In 2009 a Technical Trail Feature was install on the blue loop and 2 on the Red Loop. If you are time limited it is best to park in the Newmans Lane lot and do loops of the red & blue trails, and maybe white time permitting. This gives you a good cross section of what the park has to offer. You will get a well marked loop on both sides of the road with some light climbs on both sides. The White trail is a great spot for beginners or for a good warm up before tackling the Blue and Red.
Park Website: Washington Valley Park


Trail Name Blaze Distance Description
Blue Loop Blue 3 miles Most go in counterclockwise and come out the way they came. The Technical Trail Feature is on this trail. Rocky descent on the far side eats sidewalls. Trail starts with a switchback climb then rocks await. Can be wet on the lower sections (Middlebrook Trail) so many people avoid that as much as possible.
Red Loop Red 3 miles Figure 8, loop it any way it flows well. Can avoid blue and climb up fire road next to cell tower for extra lung & leg fun. Starting at the top and bombing back down is fun. Middle crossover trail offers a way to switch things up. Generally not too wet here.
White Loop White 2 miles Aka Coney Island, a fun set of play trails that were clearly build by local BMXers. Good way to warmup for the day. Reroutes have alleviated most of the wettest spots on this trail though it can be wet after recent rains.
Orange Loop Orange 2 miles Mainly a connector from the backside of the reservoir to the yellow trails. At the top of the climb go right then make your first left. Drop down to the river for more technical riding though there is a hike-a-bike section in there either to cross the stream or to climb back out.
Yellow Loop Yellow 4 miles The developing side, where the IMBA crew did it's work. Tough climb up but once there it is solid riding. The Chimney Rock Hawk Watch is often at the Overlook at White Rock in the fall. Fun downhill run from top to intersection as well as small but tough rock garden (named "Rocky Bit") on the other side.


Woody Cleaning a Short Rooty Uphill
Rider: Norm
Description: This is a solid ride but it's broken up quite well for anyone who wants to follow it. It starts in Newman's Lane, then cuts across red, and brings you through orange, then into the yellow trails. It hits every trail up there, including the new one. It also gives you the overlook. Most of the yellow stuff you'll get both ways with this loop. Then it takes you back to the lot, through red. That's roughly halfway. You can grab another bottle or quit. It jumps back in and hits the red trails, so that you've just about done all of them both ways. Then back to the lot, then across the road to blue, where you then do all of them both ways with a small exception. At that point, you're about 17.5 miles in, and back at the lot. That's 17.5 miles of solid trail, all that CR has to offer. The last 4 miles are the white trails and then behind the ballfield which isn't what I would call the best the park has to offer. Nice enough, but I just tacked it on at the end to make this loop complete. I left out the trail along the river, on the orange side. Just wasn't in the mood to drop down there today. There are some connectors on the red side that are left out, maybe a few hundred yards worth. In the blue, I don't do much along the stream. Other than that this is about everything. You also get both ways to access the ballfield area - behind the house or through the fence at the top of the hill. This also does not cross the stream from the ballfield trails over to the yellow/orange.
Link: Motionbased
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Rider: Glancing Aft
Description: A good "three leaf clover" ride to do up in Chimney Rock. Two great climbs, and some good single track as well.
Link: Motionbased


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Bike N Gear
EMS Bridgewater
Efinger Sporting Goods
High Gear Cyclery


Benny's Kitchen
Chimney Rock Inn
Manville Pizza
Panatieris Pizza




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