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Capers at the Six Hours of Cathedral Pines


Name: Eric Capers screen name: capedoc ([1])
Hometown: Yardville, NJ
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Class: MTB-Cat 2, Cyclocross-Cat4, Road-Cat5
On the Team Since: 2010
Years Riding: 6
Current Bikes:
Mountain Bikes: Niner Air9 1x9, Fuji Outland 29er Full Suspension, Redline Monocog Flight 29er Singlespeed
Cyclocross: Jamis Super Nova
Road: Jamis Xenith Race, Fetish Inuzio
Tire Choice: Ignitors
Favorite Park in NJ: Allamuchy


Most Epic Ride: My first race, the 24 Hours of Allamuchy 2008.
29ers are:'" Big-wheeled bikes, I have 3 of them
Backpack or Bottles?: Bottles unless it's an all day affair.
When I'm not riding a bike, I'm: Playing in the band, sea kayaking, surf kayaking & beer.
50 closing words that may or may not mean anything:
Other Interests: see "when i'm not riding my bike, I'm"


Keep a training log? Yes
Electronics? Garmin 800
Nutrition on the bike: Shot Blocks and cliff bars
Nutrition after the ride: PB&J, Apples, Bananas,
Any special pre-race breakfast? Scrambled eggs, bagels, banana.
Road bikes are for: for training as well as fun.



24 Hours Of Allamuchy 4th 5 PERSON team


24 Hours Of Allamuchy 2nd 4 Person Team


Mountain Bike

Singlespeed-a-polooza -- Cat 2

H2H#1 Wawayanda Spring Cleaning 7th Cat3

H2H#2 Tymor Challenge 4th Cat3

H2H#3 Lewis Morris Challenge 4th Cat3

H2H#4 Kittatinny Bulldog Rump 7th Cat3

H2H#5 Taconic 909 Challenge 8th Cat2

H2H#7 Rumble In The Jungle 10th Cat2

Darkhorse 40 39th Singlespeed Men

Six Hours Of Cathedral Pines 9th Singlespeed Open


Hillbilly Hustle V5 55th Cat4

Westwood Velo Cyclocross 47th Cat4

HPCX at Jamesburg 54th Cat4

Cyclocross at the Hidden Valley 47th Cat4

Cyclocross at Central Park of Morris County 34th Cat4

Horseshoe Scramble DNF Due to crash


Mountain Bike

Bikeline Fairhill XC 13/35 Sport Singlespeed Open

Singlespeed-a-polooza 9/57 Cat2

H2H#1 Wawayanda Spring Cleaning 7/19 Cat2

H2H#2 Tymor Challenge DNF - Mechanical Cat2

H2H#3 Lewis Morris Challenge 7/23 Cat2

H2H#4 Kittatinny Bulldog Rump 12/18 Cat2

Darkhorse 40 21/122 Cat2

H2H#5 Taconic 909 Challenge 3/11 Cat2

H2H# 6 Rumble IN the Jungle 9/10 Cat2

6 Hours of Cathedral Pines 5/23 Cat2


Hillbilly Hustle v.6 24/73 Cat4

Cyclocross at Greystone 36/69 Cat4

HPCX at Jamesburg 31/65 Cat4

Westwood Velo Day 2 11/17 Cat4

Sussex County Cyclocross 2 19/34 Cat4




Tour of the Battenkill 23/39 Cat5 U35

Tour of Colts Neck 15/26 Cat5


Singlespeed-a-palooza 10/49 Cat2

Stewart Super Six Pack 11/58 Cat2

Darkhorse 40 6/27 Cat2

H2H Race #4 The Lewis Morris Challenge 7/10 Cat2


Nittany Lion CX Day 1 66/107 Cat4

Nittany Lion CX Day 2 61/114 Cat4