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General Information

Blue Mountain Reservation is a 1,500-acre park in the northwest section of Westchester County with possibly the largest trail density of any local park. It features an extensive mountain bike specific trail network with a large collection of advanced features. Home of H2H Race Chain Stretcher and the annual Fat Tire Festival. $8 daily parking permit for non residents between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Blue Mountain is maintained by the Westchester Mountain Bike Association WMBA Website

Google Map

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41.269543, -73.922111 Parking Lot 2 - Main mountain biker parking lot Make a left after entering the park past the booth, follow that road until the end. Directions

41.269828, -73.926520 Parking Lot 1 - Event parking lot This parking lot is used for events such as the H2H race, and the Fat Tire Festival Make a right after entering the park past the booth, follow that road until the end. Directions

The above route hits just about everything in the park (kml)(gpx)

Details and Info

Miles: 35 total miles of trails and bridle trails, you could easily put together a 20+ mile loop.
Difficulty: Advanced, Expert
Trails: Singletrack, Doubletrack, Bridle Trails, Downhill
Surface: Dirt (hardpack, clay, mud, loose hardpack, loam), Gravel, Mixed
Obstacles: Technical Trail Feature, Water Crossing, Drops, Trail Obstacles, Rock Garden
Special Features: Puncheons, Turnpikes, Boardwalks, Bridges
Detailed Overview: Treacherous bridal trails connect an extensive of purpose built mountain biking singltrack in beautiful Westchester county NY.
Park Website:


Trail Name Blaze Distance Description
Switchback xxx x.x miles Fast and fun section of singletrack.
My Favorite Trail xxx x.x miles One way trail, ironically not my favorite trail.
Stinger xxx x.x miles Excellent example of an exceptional mountain bike trail. Great scenery
Criss-Cross xxx x.x miles
Sis xxx x.x miles A must hit purpose built mountain biking trail, super fun especially with a group of people. You switch back so many times that you can watch your friends coming and going. You may get tired but you'll never stop hammering, way too fun to slow down!
Bailey's xxx x.x miles Advanced technical sub-trail featuring slickrock and exceptional technical obstacles
Ned's Left Lung xxx x.x miles Long, difficult bridal path that will knock the wind out of your left lung too.
MYX Monster xxx x.x miles An epic adventure around the back of Blue Mountain. Advanced technical skill required with some excellent optional expert features to try. Recently a trail redirect has been performed due to property rights.
Debacle xxx x.x miles A trail that tries to kill you. Tons of fun, nothing dangerous just a lot of struggling and a lot of rewards for pulling off difficult sections. A must try.
Dr. Jekyll xxx x.x miles Fast and flowing single track. Very fun, get this trail on your loop!


Rider: gtluke
Description: Hits most of the great stuff in the park.
Link: GarminConnect
Unknown Rider, Longer ride 15.5 miles: GarminConnect


Blue Mountain is an all encompassing park with gobs and gobs of fun optional technical features. A huge variety of rock wall rides, drops, absolutely massive rolling drops, rock gardens, cross country trails that are incredibly twisty and fun. The trails are so fun that it keeps you motivated to keep your speed up. Wild fun driven workouts! MYX Monster is a must hit for technical junkies, huge slickrock rides and for a brief minute you'll find yourself in a valley of gigantic pine trees on the side of a mountain and you'd swear you were in North Shore country. Most of the locals ride burly all mountain bikes, but there is plenty fun to be had on a regular cross country bike. Hit up the Fat Tire Festival and demo every bike you ever wanted through this park. The H2H Chain Stretcher has the most climbing of the series, but you might not notice because it's not on boring fire roads. I've labeled the fire roads as bridal paths for lack of better term. They are wide enough to be called fire roads, but they are paved and littered with large rocks, making it impassible by any fire equipment. The park owns a 6x6 ATV which they use to extract injured bikers or perform trail maintenance. I suggest taking a day off and getting lost up at Blue Mountain, every trail holds something exciting, go explore! -gtluke

Discussion, Events, and JORBA

Forum: WMBA Forum
Contact: WMBA
Calendar: Located in NY, not MTBNJ or JORBA territory
JORBA Info: Located in NY, not JORBA territory
JORBA Contact: Located in NY, not JORBA territory

Bike Shop(s) and Good Eats

FireHouse Grille
Peekskill Brewery


Updated Map with Debacle and Jekyll, Version 3


Video Trail Review by MannyL358