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General Information

Allaire State Park, plopped right in the Sand Belt of south New Jersey is an immensely popular place for the local riders to spend a few hours getting the lead out. Best enjoyed in the winter months, the park can lure you to sleep you with how sandy it is. But don't be fooled. The well-led rider can have a blast if they know where to go. Frank and the crew down there have done a fantastic job making the park sustainable over the years, and during the summer months hold a weekly group ride that is very popular.

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40.141094,-74.122594 Hospital Road Lot Everyone parks here. Just park here, ok? Directions

Details and Info

Miles: 15 is an official number but as you can see in the GPS course on the map, that was a 21+ mile day.
Difficulty: Beginner
Trails: Singletrack, Doubletrack
Surface: Sand, Dirt (hardpack, loose hardpack)
Obstacles: Trail Obstacles
Special Features: Bridges
Detailed Overview: Light vertical, some logs, sand. A fast place but you need to know where to go, or who to follow. The challenge here is doing these trails with as much speed as you can.
Park Website: New Jersey DEP Parks & Forestry

Current Conditions

General: Due to the sand at Allaire, the park tends to handle water a bit better than most parks. In fact, when it's too dry the trails are not as firm as might be expected.
Rain: A nominal/small amount of rain has little to no effect on the park, usually. Heavy rain tends to move it beyond the saturation point though, and the lack of elevation make some trails susceptible to damage, such as the River Trail.
User Reports: Current Conditions Thread


Trail Name Blaze Distance Description
Tiger Woods ? ? miles Named due to its proximity to the golf course. The trail is likely the most difficult in the park. It is constantly changing in direction and elevation. Roots can be difficult for beginner riders. Even Advanced riders find it to be fun and challenging.
The Glass Trail none .5 miles Named because of an apparent endless amount of glass near the trailhead. Trail managers claimed that no matter how much they raked, glass continued to turn up. Most entertaining when traveled downhill towards the Hospital Rd. parking lot. The trail offers varied elevation and sweeping turns. The turns tend to be larger in radius which allows riders to maintain more speed. Speed = Fun. From Frank: "Glass trail is so named due to an old farm glass dump at the top of the trail."
Bobsled aka Serpentine none .25 miles One of the oldest singletrack trails still in use at Allaire. The trails flows slightly downhill away from the Hospital Rd. lot. Due to erosion, the trail is a continuous channel 12-18 inches below the surrounding area. This creates the feeling of riding on a bobsled run. This also means the turns are banked which provides a unique experience on the bike. From Frank, "Bob sled or Serpentine was originally a fire cut and the forestry service used a machine to dig the trench. The same machine was used across the street for the Pink trail."
The IMBA Trail none .25 miles From Frank, "IMBA is named because this trail was cut during a visit from the IMBA trail care crew."


Description: Quick fun loop for Allaire. It covers most of the great trails Allaire has to offer with some good flow. If your new to Allaire and have GPS download this for a fun time. It covers Steelman, Serpentine, Tiger,, Glass, River and some more. Starts in lot and ends in lot so you won't get lost.
Link: Garmin Connect via rider Mitchell16
Description: Covers just about every trail at Allaire on the parking lot side.
Link: Garmin Connect via rider skiphreaknj


Discussion, Events, and JORBA

Forum: MTBNJ discussion on Allaire
Calendar: MTBNJ events or JORBA events
JORBA Info: Allaire rumblings at
JORBA Contact: Frank

Bike Shop(s) and Good Eats

Beacon Cycling & Fitness
Brielle Cyclery
Beachwood Bicycles
Belmar Bike Shop



Allaire SP via rider BiknBen
A-holes in Allaire via rider BiknBen