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Name: Alexandra Gruener (Cortale) Screen Name: 2Julianas
Hometown: Pelham, NY
Occupation: Marketing Director
Race Class: Cat 2 for XC
On the team since: 2012
Years Riding: 8
Current Bikes: 2009 Turner Sultan (FS); Cannondale Flash Carbon 29-er 1 (HT); 2013 Misfit (SS); Trek 5000 WSD Carbon (road)
Favorite Parks: Blue Mountain, Allamuchy, Jungle Habitat, Ringwood


Most Epic Ride: Fernie BC
29-ers are: Perfect for me for everything except lift-access DH
Backpack or Bottles?: Backpack on anything over 1.5 hours
When I am not riding a bike, I'm: doing CrossFit
50 Closing Words That May or May Not Mean Anything: Ride like a girl!
Other Interests: CrossFit, skiing, trail running .... and getting my daughter into all of those things


Keep a Training Log? yes, my little red notebook
Electronics? Garmin 800
Nutrition on the bike: GU chomps, Clif or Lara bar minis, banana, Scratch Labs in my water
Nutrition after the ride: chocolate milk, cheeseburger or burrito
Any special pre-race breakfast? 2 hardboiled eggs + buckwheat crepes with Nutella and banana or bagel with cream cheese, fresh grapefruit/orange/carrot/ginger/beet juice, double espresso
Road bikes are for: people who live in less high-traffic areas than I do, and using on the rollers



Mountain Bike

9th - Singlespeed-A-Palooza- Women's Sport
2nd - H2H #1 Chainstretcher - Women's Cat 2 40+
4th - H2H #2 Spring Cleaning - Women's Cat 2 40+
2nd - H2H #3 Rumble in The Jungle - Women's Cat 2 40+
4th - NYCMTB #2 Hurley Burly - Women's Cat 2 40+
5th - H2H #5 Bulldog Rump - Women's Cat 2 40+
3rd - USA Cycling National Championship - Women's Cat 2 40+


2013 was a terrible season, came in 2nd in the H2H race (Cat 2 women 40+) and didn't race anything else until a team effort at Something Wicked where we came in toward the bottom. For 2014 the plan is: SSaP, H2H series, Stewart 6-pack, Something Wicked