6 Miles Has A Bear

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6 Miles Has a Bear

Back in the late summer of 2009, the first evidence of the existence of a large mammal that is possibly inhabiting the woods was shared on MTBNJ. The evidence shared was a completely unrelated photograph of a large pile of fecal matter and an individual staring at the dung structure.

The 6 Miles Bear cannot be seen, but according to a local who probably has fewer teeth than most in the area, he could "smell the bear but didn't actually see it". This was most likely due to the massive piles of dung this bear can dish out. The elusive 6 Miles Bear appears to live in the stream that cuts through 6 Miles and spends it winters in the creepy house by South Middlebush hanging with the Fonz, lurking on MTBNJ when his IP address is not blocked.

It was eventually confirmed that the spotted dung was in fact created from the anus of a bear by MTBNJ's own Mr.Chainsaw who tasted the dung confirming it "was very close to what bear poo tastes like" (not to be confused with black bar dung which tastes like college).

The bear appears to be a size large, and if only it were a medium, it's standover clearance would be more desirable and could be sold on pinkbike for more.