Mooch Madness from the Promoter’s Lens

Mooch Madness 2019 is in the books. If you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown, results, commentary, etc, this post is not it. This is a collection of pictures I took on race day, with 1 exception at the end which was taken by teammate Brian Ackerman. The rest of these are how I absorbed the … Continue reading “Mooch Madness from the Promoter’s Lens”

Mooch Madness – the MTBNJ Blurbs

Mooch Madness recap!  The MTBNJ Crew was extra busy this weekend.  Not only were they racing, they were promoting the race!   It was a huge effort and many many woman and man hours of work went into prep and execution.   Here are some of the recaps as written by the individuals, who in between racing … Continue reading “Mooch Madness – the MTBNJ Blurbs”

MTBNJ Secures First Ever Food Vendor for Short Track Series

-by Norm Zurawski For immediate release, or whenever we get to it. Today marks an exciting day in the history of both the MTBNJ Short Track series (yet to be named for the 2019 edition) as well as the New Jersey-based chili scene, and especially the MTBNJ Short Track chili scene. Mountain Man Chili has … Continue reading “MTBNJ Secures First Ever Food Vendor for Short Track Series”