Chris Brawley

Chris Brawley. Iggy. PoorIggy. The Poo.

Call him what you will. The Iggster has been around the block a few times, has seen a few things, and forgotten many more. Iggy is the second eldest MTBNJ rider, behind only to “Older Then Time” Mitch. He’s been racing Cat 1 for the last 7 yrs, mixing it up in both geared and SS class with good results. His most successful season was last year when he raced his SS in the 45+ geared class and won The H2H series. The one thing that Iggy does not do is categories. He wakes up and figures it out.

Along with his wife Mary, Iggy has 2 kids in various stages of college/post-college so you can often find him couch diving for spare change to keep the kids in school. He often kicks back with yoga, pizza, and a beer as the weekend rolls around, then can be found on the trails most weekend mornings.

For work, Iggy is Bill Murray’s character from Caddyshack.

Iggy heads up the MTBNJ Group Ride Series and does his best to find ride leaders, get the word out, and make sure all the details get covered to ensure it all happens. He’s also a strong part of the TM crew that goes out before every race and does the thankless job of making sure the course is good to ride and/or race on.

Next time you see him, say hi, and thanks for giving back to the community in the way that he does.