Kingdom Trails – In a Picture


The smile of joyful satisfaction – the after effects of blazing down trails, inches from a teammates wheel, with nothing on my mind except the line ahead and the dare to lay the bike over just a little more though the next corner. Smiling, encouraging faces always greeted me as we re-grouped between runs. The miles and climbing passed quickly while chatting, pedaling and laughing. I was especially grateful my son Kai joined in the fun and had his own taste of speed and flow. He enjoyed the trails immensely. He did not enjoy being photographed, however. 


“I like this picture because it shows how we pretty much do everything as a team. In this case, we all go to the downhill park together even though few of us are really downhill riders aside from this 1 time every year.” –


After 7 years of doing trips to KT and probably over 1000 miles in the park, it just never gets old.  


Awesome trails, great food, terrific friends. Totally worth the 6 hour drive. Will do it again next year or next month for that matter.


Spending three days riding awesome goodness at Kingdom Trails in Vermont with MTBNJ teammates gets a big thumbs up.  Outstanding group of men and women. 📷 @jshort 


King-dom has a whole lot-ta flow, C-mon get hap-py!


When the doctor says you’re cleared for normal activity, you head to KT with your friends and hit the DH (carefully)!


I love riding down the flowy trails at Burke and letting the ski lift take me up!


My first time at Kingdom and I made sure to get the Greatest Hits. Every day I threw a leg over the top tube was the best day I ever had on a bike – can’t wait to go back!


Sure, the weather was great.  The food was killer.  The trails were worth driving 6 hours for. But what I really enjoyed the most was the bonding with teammates. 


The thing I remember most about this trip is Utah running his mouth for 5 straight days, non-stop. Like here where Jason smiles and nods his head.


We may have been tired, but Kingdom has this @Magic around it that makes you keep coming out for more. On the final day of riding, the last standing six.


Riding awesome trails with awesome people at Kingdom trails is some of the best fun to be had on bikes . Manualing from berm to berm is also pretty awesome smiles for miles for sure.