NICA’s Six Mile Mania in Pics

-by Norm Zurawski

Here we are. One last race in the NICA season, and then we are done. The flags will be put away, the fence rolled up, the stakes hidden in a garbage can in the back, and bags & bags of metal rods tossed in the corner for a while. Before we can do that, before we kick back in our recliners and admire the work that the NICA crew has put in, there was still 1 more race to run. The Six Mile Mania. Here’s how I saw the race, through my lens.

To say Ken has been instrumental in all of this is an understatement. Each week the crew gives awards to people but you’ll note that the people in the black t-shirts never get one. At some point, you should thank Ken and his crew for all the hard work they put in. BJ, of course, is just happy to be able to wear that shirt in public.
Fred is also entertained at the shirt, while Ken discusses something or other at the coaches meeting. Jay (far right) is not amused.
The secret to the HIghlands Composite success? Never look amused. And BYO Sunglasses.
Kristine is literally the busiest person in New Jersey. Here, while listening to Ken talk, she is organizing some other volunteer event that she will be donating her time to.
Chris told me he looks forward to this post every week, which is why he is smiling because he knows what I’ll be doing later. Fred, meanwhile, rehearses his speech. “Up. It’s up. I need to make sure I point up. Simon says point up.”
“SIMON SAYS POINT THAT WAY….oh man, I get such stage fright.”
Later in the day, the actual person named Simon doesn’t care about Fred’s pointing. He’s getting ready for a career in hurdling. Offseason project: work on the hurdle form. No idea what Ken is doing.
Ok still no idea what Ken has going on here. Maybe he saw an eagle?
Still going. Maybe he was trying to get a Simon Selfie?
From the bottom, before the bridge, at the bottom of the hill where all the spectating was.
The Atlantic crew out in force, cheering for the kids. Solid bunch of guys came out to support today.
The Palisades Runner, having forgotten his bike, does his best to clear the jump.
Dave Van Wort cruises through on his way to course marshal duties.
I can only assume the most logical explanation to that shirt and the smile is that his wife spiked his coffee this morning.
The varsity girls line up for the throwdown in race #5. Nina would eventually edge out Shannon for the overall leader’s jersey.
Kristine poses with Molly who came down to the race to support the GRIT effort this weekend. Molly was there both Saturday and Sunday.
I have nothing entertaining to say about this picture. Carry on to the next set of gems.
“You are just so cute that I could wrap a bow around you.”
“So that is exactly what I’m gonna do.”
“Ok don’t move, stay here.”
The demand outpaced the supply today, as the food tent lines were long & tureless all day.
Abby fights to hold on to second, with Sammy having pulled away after 2 laps.
Dave is just cruising along, looking for a high five from someone, anyone.
Dylan & Brandy hang out in the weekly meeting of the People With the Letter Y in the First Name Club. It’s 6:30 am and I just don’t have much left to say at this point.
Shannon comes through after 2 laps, chasing Nina who is blazing today.
“This standing in the sun all day with a boot on is TIRING. Hey I have an idea…”
“Dad….the thing over there…can you…?”
“grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble.”
grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble.”
“Here you are sweetheart.”…”Thanks dad!”
“Do you think you could sign my phone? I left my book at home because my brain is full.”
A very, very happy Emily waits for the later races to start. I have to say I am a fan of the blue highlighted with orange hat & backpack.
Eric literally said this to me 4 seconds after I took this: “NO FAT PICTURES THIS WEEK NORM!”
Leana and her dad hang out at this corner. They literally did not move from this exact spot for more than 2 hours. I admire either their stamina or their shoemaker.
MTBNJ Steve shows us how you climb with a SS.
Joy shows us how to climb the hill with happy flair.
Julian shows us how to climb the hill with intent as he rolls to his overall varsity win in the series.
And these guys show you how to tame the gnar of Six Mile Run.
The 2 race officials confer to discuss something important, or to discuss where lunch will be later.
Meanwhile, Mitch is…frankly, I have no idea what he’s doing.
Diana, sister of Chris Schilling, and Mitch wait for the season-ending awards where an award if given in memory of Chris.
Among the endless list of things Kris does is collect medals for the kids who have other things like lax, horseback riding, astronaut training, etc.
Golf clap – some of the UNDERAPPRECIATED black-shirt NICA volunteers. To the left is MAry Beth, volunteer coordinator, and maker of excellent blueberry muffins the day before.
Katie (left) and Wayne (right) are ardent supporters of the NICA races, the MTBNJ races, and our efforts at Chimney Rock with the trails. They keep a low profile but they play a big role in making things awesome here.
The bicycle graveyard.
Cat & Brendan sit in the CycleCraft van and take it all in. They’ve been amazing supporters of the league as well.
Maeve walks up to get her medal for the day, while winning the season jersey as well as being the only person with a gold bike chain around her neck today. Amanda follows.
Ken never likes my pictures of him. I mean, nothing wrong with this, is there?
One of your series sponsors for both NICA and the H2H races.
Diana & Mitch stand with Ken to present the Chris Schilling award. Behind Ken is Tom Kruse, an integral part of the league and the original league director.
Finally, Mitch & Diana give out the Schilling award to put a wrap on the day.

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the 2019 version of the NICA race season. If you are interested in learning more about NICA, click HERE.