The NICA Slick Six in Pictures

-by Norm Zurawski

Here we are again, another NICA race done, and another on the way. As I end up with a ton of content these days, with MTBNJ, and NICA, and JORBA, and Vermont, I’m going to dial back the words and just post some pictures and captions. It’s the only way I will get this post out before the next NICA race happens.

“Just slide right in there…like that…sort of…oh no not that close. Ok whatever.” – Brandy
“Ok well at least you let me take a breath this time before you took my picture.” – Danielle
“I love the pictures you take of me. They make me look so…something” – Ken
“Put all the bad kids, just somewhere over there I guess.” – Chris
“I know it’s strange to stand in a tool trailer but it’s really, really hot out there.” -Don
“I really still can’t believe they let me up here to talk to people. I have no idea what to say.” -Fred
Walk Your Bike is not just a river in Egypt. Nobody will get that.
Kai lines up for the 8th grade race. Kai spent a few days with Team MTBNJ in Kingdom Trails just a week before and he ripped it up with the best of us.
An unnamed NICA racer launches off the first turn when he comes back through the crowd into the singletrack.
Kai moves through smooth & steady on his way to a top 10 finish.
LOOK OUT BELOW! NICA race official letting gravity know who’s boss (it’s gravity).
From the famous Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…how do they know which way we’re going?
An arrow points out the obvious, which is to follow Jason’s amazing dirt work on the course.
Look out below! Caution signals when the course may be a little tricky.
Benito’s came out to support the effort again this week, and will be there for the final race at the same venue.
Abby catches some air on her 2nd place in the JV race.
Izzy also launches a little on her way around the course.
I took some time to discuss the timing system with Robin, who was more than happy to talk shop with me even though he was incredibly busy all day.
Race Result, the machine that keeps you all in order.
Generators, a grill, and a fire extinguisher. No better way to have a party as far as I can tell.
Halter’s Cycles, REPRESENT! We could not have pulled this race off without the support there. Thanks again Jason!
Ken always wears the best socks, doesn’t he?
Eric wanted me to get a picture of his socks, which he also picked up at Halter’s Cycles.
The other half of Eric. Yes I said half, his feet are made of lead so he is very bottom heavy.
Don checks out some real estate to find a good place to take pics. Me being poison ivy-resistant allows me to sit anywhere I want.
The launch, get ready to let it go…
Unnamed rider does his best to let it rip.
Amanda lines up to get some good shots while her friends just surf social media. Kids…
Abby comes up with the most interesting colors, doesn’t she?
Maeve, mugging for the camera. Once again, she shows up with just ONE MTBNJ sock.
Amanda sets up for some pics on the other side. There’s no safe side to this launch pad.
Shot of the day. Just incredible air time on this one.
Hopefully she took the shot before this point in time.
I think this is a perfectly fine shot of Ken, don’t you?
How about this one?
And finally, the picture-taking girls get to stand up on the podium. Great work ladies!