Stewart from the Promoter’s Lens

With that, the 2019 MTBNJ race promotion season has ended. Despite summer being over a month away, our race promotion season is now 3 races down, and we’ll be winding down the rest of the year going to Kingdom Trails, doing group rides, enjoying the summer, and jumping into some mountain and/or cross races as we all see fit.

Before we go, here is a last look at the last race of the season that MTBNJ promotes, as seen from my camera.

Steve sets up the brand new electric clock that he got us for this race. This proved to be an excellent addition to the race starts and podium timing.
Iggy and Bill warm-up for the day. Not sure why Bill is often standing next to Iggy in these pics.
That’s right, everything on the menu today is free. How many races provide that sort of service?
Kris is part of NICA so this insanity doesn’t concern her at all. Dana, on the other hand, fears the impending crush of registration!
Jason worked the food service and Jim helped with parking, here they are gassing up for the day ahead.
Capers works up a coffee before heading into the woods to take pictures and play his mandolin all day.
Dave Taylor WAS HERE today. He is giving the thumbs up while Dominique points the other way in the background.
Brian and Brian also wait for the onslaught to begin. You can tell it’s early in the day because there aren’t bikes all over the pavement.
In the event you were unsure, the Signs Department was once again on their game. There were approximately as many signs as racers for this effort today.
Katie arrives with some swag to raffle off at the awards ceremony courtesy of Shimano & Superfeet p/b Halter’s Cycles.
As reg started to backup, Jeremy started walking the crowd looking for endurance racers, which was the first race of the day. Here he signs in Neal Burton who would go on to win the men’s endurance race.
Again, top notch Sign Department on the job today.
The Mullers ride off into the sunset, or to the race start. Left is Ian and right is dad, Charlie.
The EMTs call an audible and move the ambulance from the start prolog to the actual course near the start/finish.
Have horn, will travel to the race start. To the left of the horn, you guessed it, more signs.
Dan illustrates who should be lining up with him. For each start time we made a sign, and someone in that class held it. “If you want to do this race with me, be where I am.” This worked like a charm.
Glenn comes to the line with some pre-race jitters. After taking the win at Stewart, he ended up 8th today at a race that may not be his strong suit. But he is still killing it this year.
Former teammate Rob Glick walks around now with a kit advertising his own company. Regardless, I feel the strong urge to press his chest incessantly.
Dominique looks relaxed as her race gets ready to take off. While it may not end up being quite that relaxed of a race, she did manage to snag a podium in the cat 2 women’s class.
The clothes totem of Stewart State Forest.
Meanwhile, Mountain Man Chili fires up the food which lays in wait to be served to the racers. As noted in the menu above, the chili was free today. It was so good I ate 1 and took 4 home.
Ben Williams, a long time MTBNJ supporter, talks a little shop with Sean before the race. After not seeing Ben for a while it was nice to see him back out here.
Carson spends some down time between the cat 2/3 starts and the cat 2/3 awards ceremony contemplating the meaning of the #2 podium box. Next to him, loads of goodies that we raffled away at the ceremony. In all, there were more items to give away than we had people.
Alex, still smiling away after hours behind the binders.
As the races start to finish up and people come in, this dog simply does not care. Just gonna lay here and enjoy this warm pavement and you can all go around me. Glad we worked that out.
Sean warms up the pipes to start giving out medals as well as lots and lots of swag. Absolutely brilliant in his role, Sean nails this ceremony every time and makes my life so incredibly less stressful for that.
Consulting the results sheet for the next podium participants.
Zoe, always a fan-favorite, stands tall and collects her 2nd place medal.
Mitch gives D a big hug as she comes up to collect her medal. Along with Sean, Mitch made the podiums what they were and was the other part in taking this task off my plate and doing it flawlessly.
D looks down, probably to make sure I brought the right medals with us. This is her first MTB race this year, and her first podium. Pretty good start to the 2019 race season.
A sure way to get on the MTBNJ blog is to wear our socks. Amanda Klopper of Team Marty’s shows them off as she lands 3rd place in the cat 3 women’s class.
Our very own Kristine stands atop the pro women’s podium today, with a blazing fast time that frankly would have been competitive in any of the classes today, both men and women alike.
Brian sits and snags some podium pictures and would be on top of 1 himself today, as he took the win in the cat 1 15+ class.
Utah and Syzmon wait for some raffle names to be called. In the end I believe Syzmon was called at the very least. He also landed 3rd in the men’s pro class today, as seen below.
Sean announces the men’s pro class podium while Mitch gets the next set of medals ready.
The camp breaks down rapidly once the ceremony is all said & done. Tents & tables disappear, as well as a myriad of things that contribute to the day. In addition, bags and bags of garbage fill up and get hauled out as we all leave for the day.
And we are done with another year. Jeremy apparently had a tough day as he was beat out by a stack of cones in whatever race they were having with D. The cones bring a mean game, that’s for sure.

That is all for now. Hopefully we will see you out on the trails, at races, or somewhere in between.